Mail Expiry Agent

The Mail Expiry Agent is an automated perl script that runs through your system mailbox, or INBOX, every Sunday morning at 4 AM. If your mailbox is less than 50 Megabytes (MB) in size, it will delete any e-mail message that has been:

  • opened for reading AND
  • is more that 30 days old from date of delivery (not the date you read the message!)

If your mailbox is greater than 100 MB in size, then any message that has been opened and is more that 14 days old will be deleted.

If your mailbox is greater than 50 MB in size at 4 AM on any day of the week, then the Mail Expiry Agent will run through your system mailbox, with the same deletion rules as above.

Yes, the Mail Expiry Agent is somewhat draconian. It is on the job fighting mailbox bloat. A huge INBOX sucks up disk space and kills the performance of both the POP and IMAP mail servers when you check your e-mail. IMAP performance really suffers if a mailbox is greater than 50 MB in size.

How to keep the Mail Expiry Agent from messing with your e-mail and your life:

  • Do not leave important messages in your INBOX!!
  • Do not use your mailbox as file storage!! Save important messages to a folder.
  • Delete unimportant/unneeded/junk messages.
  • Keep your INBOX lean and mean.

If you really don't like the Mail Expiry Agent, then use POP to download your messages to your PC. Then even if a message gets zapped from your INBOX, you still have it on your PC.