Email Redirect

An email redirect advertises a new email address for you after you have left Colby and your account at Colby has been closed.  Email to your closed Colby address will still be returned as undeliverable to the sender; however a redirect will give that person a return message in plain English and will include your new email address in this message.  Instead of a bounce with a lot of computerese and a "User Unknown", the return message will say "User has moved, please try"

Your previous Colby address and the address you request in the redirect message will be shown as appropriate.  The subject line of the redirect message will also say "Colby user has moved".

The sender will have to note the new address and resend their original message.

The email will NOT be automatically forwarded to the new address!  Redirects are kept in place for approximately six months after your Colby account is closed.

You may only request a redirect if you are graduating, transferring out, or your employment is ending.  The process of setting a redirect is NOT automated.  It will be reviewed by ITS personnel during normal business hours.  Please plan ahead.

If you are a graduating senior, click here.

If you are not a graduation senior, to request or cancel a redirect, click here.