E-mail Services

Many resources for email are listed below. Most links are password-protected for use by current Colby faculty, staff and students.

Alternate E-mail Address
Set a permanent e-mail forward to your real e-mail account, of the form "Firstname.Lastname@colby.edu", to make your e-mail look more professional.  You will still need to use your real account for authentication purposes, such as password protected webpages.

Have your e-mail automatically reply for you while you are traveling.
Change your Colby password
 - Alumni
Colby Apps E-mail
Check your Colby e-mail from any computer using a web browser.
There are specific policies about an E-mail redirect.

E-mail Limitations
There are limits to how e-mail messages are handled with Colby Apps E-mail and this page explains some of them.
The suggested email client for students is webmail.  If you want to use a stand-alone email client on your own computer, then the suggested client is Outlook for Windows or Entourage for Macs.  See the support desk for setup of computer-based email clients.
Graduating? Senior E-mail Account Options
If you don't want to become "User Unknown" after graduation, this page explains what your options are for a smooth transition to the real world.
Request the creation of a mailing list for your club or organization, that can be managed via a web interface.
Send a General Announcement, or an Official Announcement if you are senior staff.  Review old announcements sent in the past.