Graduating Seniors' Email

This page outlines how Information Technology Services (ITS) can help you transition from your Colby e-mail to a non-Colby e-mail address. 

ITS will close your access to fileserver1, fileserver2, some Confluence sites, personal www web pages and authoring access to CommonSpot effective June 1st.  If these files are important to you, then you should save them elsewhere before this date.    Please consult with the Student Computer Services (207-859-4224) if you need help with saving web pages or other files.

ITS deletes all graduated senior's accounts on the first day of November following graduation.  At account deletion time, your Colby computer account and password will cease to function.   All of your e-mail messages will be removed from Colby computers.  If these e-mail are important to you, then you should save them elsewhere before this date.


If you do nothing, what will happen?

Your e-mail address will no longer work effective November 1.  If you do not set a redirect you will become "user unknown" in the world of e-mail on November 1 when your account is deleted.  Any e-mail sent to your e-mail address  will bounce back to the sender with a request"user unknown" message.

If e-mail is important to you!!

You can prevent the trauma of "user unknown" by simply setting an e-mail redirect at Colby before your account closes.  An e-mail redirect returns a nice message back to the sender, telling them that your Colby e-mail account is no longer in service but that you can be reached at another e-mail address (which you provide).  Here are the steps needed to set up an e-mail redirect:

1.  Obtain an e-mail account elsewhere.  You may already have one at Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail.  You may have a new e-mail account at your workplace or graduate school.  Make sure this e-mail account works before proceeding. If you don't know how to do this, please consult with the Student Computer Services (207-859-4224).

2. Transfer your Colby e-mail to another e-mail account. Instructions to move your Colby e-mail to a Gmail account are at Import Colby E-mail into Gmail

Click here  to set a redirect before November 1st.  You may have to authenticate with your Colby password. Check the “redirect” button and enter your new e-mail address (eg,,  The redirect will take effect on November 1st and will stay place for approximately six months.  For the reason, simply say "graduated".  You will receive e-mail confirmation from the e-mail administrator within a day or so that your request was received.

4.  You should  test the redirect, after your chosen start date,  and make sure it works by sending e-mail to your Colby address from an external e-mail address.

What will happen after the redirect on Colby's e-mail server starts?         

E-mail sent to your Colby address will bounce back to the sender. The body of the returned message will say " User has moved; please try <>", where the address in brackets is what you entered  in step 2.  The sender will have to note your new e-mail address and resend the message.  While the bounced message may be a pain for the sender, they will learn that you have moved and what your new e-mail address is.

Why does Colby use redirects versus forwarding your mail?

Click here for more information on why Colby will only accept a request for a redirect and not for forwarding your e-mail.