Mac OSX - Backing Up Your Workstation

Backups are provided for Colby's faculty and staff computers and are run on a scheduled basis.If your backups do not appear to be running properly or you are unable to find the CrashPlan client (described below) and you wish to have your data backed up, please contact the Faculty and Staff Support Center at or ext. 4222.

The following files do not get backed up in CrashPlan.  They are M4v, MP4, WMV, AVI.  These are movie and music files.  We recommend you copy these files to a thumb drive or an external hard drive.

When was my Macintosh computer last backed up?
  • Crash Plan automatically backups your computer data.  If you would like to confirm a successful backup you can click on the black house icon on the top right corner of your desktop.  See image which shows it as white when the drop down menu appears.
    • This drop down menu shows both Colby CrashPlan and Cloud1 backups.  Either one or both can be used.  To confirm a backup the blue bar should be complete.  The  Colby CrashPlan bar is not complete.  Please note the grey button to the right of the blue bar.  Typically it would be an arrow like the Cloud1 backup.  But clicking on the arrow button to start the backup will generate the button image you see for Colby CrashPlan. You know it is backing up when you click on the arrow and the button changes to and stays as the one you see in the image.  At times you may need to click on the button more than once to trigger the backup. Once the backup is complete the information under Colby CrashPlan will change to what is recorded under Cloud1, that is 'Waiting for backup - ...'

Crash Plan 2013-05-09 at 9