Colby Wireless Network - Best Practices


Colby College operates two wireless networks: 'Colby Access' and 'Colby Guest Access.'  In order to fully take advantage of Colby Wireless service, students, faculty members and staff must be connected to the network called 'Colby Access.' The other wireless network, 'Colby Guest Access', is intended for use by visitors and guests of the college. It does not allow the installation of licensed programs, campus printers or access to the file servers and lab networks. If your computer is connected to 'Colby Guest Access' or has connected to it in the past, it is important that you switch over to 'Colby Access.'

The following procedures outline how to remove 'Colby Guest Access' from your computer and begin using Colby Access instead. It is important to remove the 'Colby Guest Access' profile in order to prevent the computer from automatically reconnecting to it.  For instructions on how to connect to 'Colby Access' on a new computer (one that has not connected previously), go here instead.

Microsoft Windows:

ITS has developed a program that will automatically configure a computer to use the 'Colby Access' network.  Download the Colby Access Profile Installer.Following the installation, make sure to select 'Colby Access' as the wireless network of choice, then you will be prompted to enter your Colby username and password, and finally you will be connected to 'Colby Access.'

Mac OSX 10.x

To remove the 'Colby Guest Access' profile on a Mac it requires you to do the following:

1. Click on the wireless icon in the top right corner and then select “Open Network Preferences” as shown below.


2. Once in Network preferences first make sure the padlock icon in the bottom left hand corner of the window is open and then click the “Advanced” button in the lower right hand corner.


3. Once in the advanced settings window look through the list of Preferred Networks in the box and select 'Colby Guest Access'. Use the subtract button (-) located below the preferred networks window to remove this profile. Also, uncheck the box that says “Remember networks this computer has joined” Then make sure to press Okay, and then Apply on the following window.  Now go back and check the box “Remember networks this computer has joined”  press Okay and then Apply. You should be all set. Look below for a screen shot of what to do. After removing Colby Guest Access remember to only select 'Colby Access' when selecting wireless networks.