Outlook 2007 Setup

Outlook stores attachments with the email itself, so if you delete the email, the attachment will also be deleted!  Please save attachments that you will need to keep before deleting the email they came with.

              1) Launch Outlook 2007: Outlook 2007 Startup wizard should appear

a.      If the wizard doesn’t appear click Tools and Options. Under the E-mail tab click New

Picture 19
                    b.      Select ‘Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP’ and click Next

                    c.      Skip to step 4

              2) Click Next


              3) Select Yes and then Next

              4) Check the box that says ‘Manually configure server settings or additional server
           types’ and then click Next.

              5) Select ‘Internet E-Mail’ and then Next

Outlook IMAP Server Settings

              6) Enter your name and Colby email address

              7) Make sure the account type is set to IMAP

              8) Type in imap.gmail.com for the Incoming mail server

              9) Type in smtp.gmail.com for the Outgoing mail server

             10) Enter your full email address including the @colby.edu for the User Name.

             11) Click More Settings

             12) Click the Outgoing Server tab

             13) Put a check in the box beside 'My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication' and select
           'Use same settings as my incoming mail server.' Then click OK.


     14) Click on the Advanced tab.

     15) In the box next to Incoming server, enter 993. In the next line, click on the pull down menu and choose SSL.

     16) In the box next to Outgoing server, enter 25 if it is not already there by default. In the next line, click on the pull down menu and choose TLS.

Picture 22

     17) Click Next and then Finish.

Configuring LDAP (The Colby Directory)

1)    Open Outlook

2)    Click Tools > Account Settings

3)    Click on the Address Book tab at the far right of the window and then choose New

4)    Select Internet Directory Service(LDAP) and then click Next.

        5) Enter its-dc3.colby.edu as the Server name.

        6) Put a check in the box beside “This server requires me to log on” and put in
            your username and password.

        7) Make sure “Require Secure Password Authentication (SPA)” is checked and
            click More Settings…

          8) Type in “Colby” for display name and click the Search tab
        9)    Make sure the” Search timeout in seconds” is 60 and the number of entries is set to 100.

       10)    Under Search Base choose Custom, type in ou=people,dc=colby,dc=edu and click OK.

       11)    Click Next, Finish, and Close