Outlook 2011 Setup


NOTE: Outlook stores attachments with the email itself, so if you delete the email, the attachment will also be deleted!  Please save attachments that you will need to keep before deleting the email they came with.

1) Launch Outlook.  If you are presented with a wizard or setup assistant, cancel it.

2) Click on Outlook (next to the Apple icon at top left of your desktop) and click on Preferences.

3) In Preferences, Click on Accounts. A new window appears to add an account.  Click on the E-mail Account icon.

4) Enter your Colby E-mail address and password.  The window expands as you see in the next image.

5) Type the information in this Window just as it appears in the image below.  Replace 'sample' with your Colby user name.

Outlook 2011 Account Info

6) Click on Add Account.  The next screen (see next image) will appear with all the information you entered.  Outlook will begin the connection to GMail and download your messages and folders.

7)  Please note the next image below with the small window entitled Settings for smtp.gmail.com.
8)  The 'Settings' window appears by clicking on the 'Advanced Button' at the bottom right.

9)  The first line 'Authentication'  has an up down arrow on the far right that you want to click on to select 'User Name and Password'.

8)  Type in your Colby User name and Password.  Enter colby.edu in Unqualified domain.  Click OK.


  9) Close the Accounts Window and Outlook.

10) Start Outlook.  GMail and Outlook will share emails and folders.

You have one last thing to do.  Create another account so you can see all the Colby users in your Outlook Address Book.

Configuring LDAP (The Colby Directory)

1) Click on the Outlook menu and choose Account Settings.

2) Click on the Directory Service tab.

1st Screen for LDAP Setup

3) Click the New button.

4) In the Edit Account dialog fill in the following information:

     a. Account Name: Colby LDAP

     b. LDAP Server: LDAP.colby.edu

     c. Check the box for This LDAP Server Requires Authentication

     d. Account ID: your user name

     e. Password: your Colby email password

LDAP create screen

5) Click on the 'Advanced...' tab.

6) Set the Search Base to read "ou=people,dc=colby,dc=edu" (without the quotes and with no spaces).

LDAP Search

7) Click OK.

8) You can exit the Accounts window.

9) Restart Outlook and you have completed setting up your Outlook Account.  Please call us at x 4222 for any assistance.