Setting up Thunderbird for Windows 7

These instructions are for setting up an email account in Thunderbird 3.x on your Windows 7.

1. Launch Thunderbird (if you need to download/install it, go to and choose Thunderbird).

2. You will be prompted to put in your name, email address and password, as in the window below. (Entering the password at this point tells Thunderbird to remember it, which is optional.) Click Continue when you have finished.

Picture 4

3. Thunderbird will now configure the IMAP and SMTP settings automatically. When complete, you should see a similar window to the one below.

Picture 8

Make sure that the following information is shown:

  - Incoming :              IMAP           993            SSL/TLS

  - Outgoing :              SMTP          465            SSL/TLS 

Then click "Create Account".

4. Your account is now set. It may take several hours for Thunderbird to fetch all your mail from the server.