Connecting to 'Colby Access' in Windows 7

The following instructions will guide you through configuring a profile for the 'Colby Access' wireless network in the Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows Vista operating system.  Even though there are several steps listed here, once completed and the 'Colby Access' profile is saved on the computer, you will not need to use them again as the settings will be stored for future use.

1.  Open the Network and Sharing center from the Control Panel (Start button -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center).

2.  From the left-hand list in the Network and Sharing Center window, select 'Manage Wireless Networks.'   Near the top left of the 'Manage Wireless Networks' window, click 'Add' to add a new profile.

3.  Select 'Manually create a network profile' (see below).  If you receive a message about the profile already existing, select the profile from the list and click 'Remove' from the menu at the top - this will allow you to create a new profile for the network.


4.   In the next window, enter/select the following values, as displayed in the screenshot below:
  • Network Name :  Colby Access
  • Security Type : WPA2-Enterprise
  • Encryption Type : AES
  • Leave both dialog boxes unchecked.
 win 7 3 new                                           

5.  After clicking 'Next' you will be returned to the 'Manage Wireless Networks' screen.  Right-click the 'Colby Access' wireless network and select 'Properties'

6.  Ensure that the settings in the 'connection' tab of the profile are displayed as shown below - note that if you use this connection often, you may wish to check the 'connect automatically' dialog box:
win 7 4

7.  Click on the 'Security' tab in the network properties window.  Make sure that the settings are configured as shown below, then click on the 'settings' button (shown circled in red) next to the authentication method dialog.


8.   In the 'Protected EAP Properties' window, configure the settings as follows and as shown below.
  • Uncheck 'Validate server certificate'
  • Check 'Enable fast reconnect'
  • Uncheck all other boxes

9.  Click on the 'Configure' button next to the Authentication Method menu (shown circled in red in the screenshot above).  Ensure that the checkbox for 'Automatically use my Windows logon name' is unchecked, as shown below:


10.  Click 'OK' in the EAP MSCHAPv2 Properties window, click 'OK' again in the Protected EAP Properties window, and click 'OK' once again in the last Network Properties window to complete the configuration process.

11.  Your profile can now be used to connect to the Colby Access Wireless network.  Upon first connection, you will be prompted for your Colby username and password in a dialog box like the one shown below.  After entering your credentials, you will be connected to the Colby Access Wireless network. 


If you experience problems, Faculty and Staff may contact the Support Center at or ext. 4222 and Students may contact Student Computer Services at or ext. 4224.