Windows - Backing Up Your Workstation

Backups are provided for Colby's faculty and staff computers and are run on a scheduled basis. If your backups do not appear to be running properly or you are unable to find the Crash Plan client (described below) and you wish to have your data backed up, please contact the Faculty and Staff Support Center at or 859-4222.  The following files do not get backed up.  M4v, MP4, WMV, AVI.  These are movie and music files.  We recommend you copy these files to a thumb drive or an external hard drive.

When was my Windows computer last backed up?

  • Crash Plan automatically backs up your computer data.  If you would like to confirm a successful backup you can click on the  Start Globe then Programs. Click on the CrashPlan folder and then the CrashPlan icon.


The window below shows both Cloud1 and CrashPlan backups.  Either one or both can be used.  In this case only Cloud1 is used. To confirm a current and complete backup the bar shoud be blue to its end.  The Cloud 1 backup is complete.  If data was not backed up the bar would not be all blue and the text underneath the bar would report the last time backup occured and how much data will be backed up.  In this case the backup will occur in 15 minutes to check for new or modified documents to backup.  That is typical since CrashPlan checks your computer at regular intervals during the day. 


  • Please call Support at 859-4222 if you do not have Crash Plan installed on your computer or it is not backing up your data.