Windows XP - Backing Up Your Workstation via Veritas

When was my Windows computer last backed up?
  • Open the Veritas Net Backup software using one of the following methods
  • Method 1
    • Look in the system tray located on the left side of your taskbar (near the time). You should see the Veritas logo appear on the taskbar
    • Double click the Vertas NetBackup client logo in the system tray


  • Method 2
    • Go to Start->Programs->Veritas NetBackup Professional-> select NetBackup Professional Client

Windows start menu

  • In the lower section of the window, a brief backup history is displayed if a backup has been run on your computer.
    • You can also choose to Open My Backups and view History to verify actual data that has been backed up.
    • You may choose to back up your data immediately by selecting Backup Now (the first backup may run for a lengthy time). Once the backup has completed, the console will reflect a successful backup has been completed with date and time.

Veritas Net Backup window

  • If your backups do not appear to be running properly or you are unable to find the Veritas Net Backup software and wish to have your data backed up, please contact the Faculty and Staff Support Center at extension 4222 or