Windows XP - Dial-up Settings

**PLEASE Note: these instructions are for direct connection to Colby, using your Colby username & password, and dialing in to our server. Your Colby account gives you free access to our mail server- however, if you're dialing from outside the Waterville area you will incur long-distance phone charges.

If you connect instead via a local ISP(Internet Service Provider), it's a local call to that ISP but you pay the monthly fee for the ISP. In that case you must enter the phone number, user name and password provided to you by the ISP.

About your email program: you do NOT need to make any changes in your email application's settings, if you've been successfully checking your Colby mail from on campus via the local Ethernet network.

1) Right click on the desktop icon labeled "My Network Places" and choose Properties. (Note: If you don't have a My Network Places icon, right click on your desktop and choose Properties.  Click on the Desktop tab and click the Customize Destkop button.  Put a check next to My Network Places.)

2) Click Create a new connection.

Create a new connection

3) Click Next.

4) Choose Connect to the Internet.  Click Next.

5) Choose Set up my connection manually.  Click Next.

6) Choose Connect using a dial-up modem.  Click Next.

7) Enter the ISP name of Colby.  Click Next.

8) Enter the phone number of 859-2100.  Click Next.

9) Choose Anyone's use.  Click Next.

10) Enter your username and password.  This is the username and password you use for your email.  Click Next.

11) Put a check next to Add a shortcut to this connection on my desktop.  Click Finish.

12) To connect double-click the icon on your desktop.