2009-2010 Parents Executive Committee Leadership

Barbara S. and Dekkers L. Davidson P'10, Co-Chairs of the Parents Executive Committee
Carol and John J. Moriarty II P'11, Co-Chairs of the Parents Executive Committee
John A. and Penelope Marzulli P'10, Senior Parent Gift Committee Co-Chairs
Ann A. and Timothy C. Scheve P'10, Senior Parent Gift Committee Co-Chairs
Skye M. and William A. Brewer III P'11, Class Co-Chairs
Deborah and Hany A. Hassan P'11, Class Co-Chairs
Carol V. and Robert Winthrop II P'12, Class Co-Chairs
Gregory C. and Leslie Ferrero P'13, Class Co-Chairs
Katharine K. and E. Miles Prentice III P'08, Parents of Alumni Committee Chairs

Parents Executive Committee and Senior Parent Gift Committee Members

Cindy C. and Martin G. Alston P'13
Suzan and Todd Anderson P'13
Bernard W. Aronson P'12
Andrew M. and Vera A. Baker P'10
Caroline N. and John O. Barr P'13
Martin E. and Nancy I. Beaulieu P'12
Jacqueline and Robert Bechek P'11
Andrew M. Becker and Deborah R. Meshulam P'13
Deborah E. Berkowitz and Geoffrey D. Garin P'13
Jane B. and John E. Bierwirth P'04 '11
Barbara A. Bodager and Henry D. Evans Jr. P'12
Taylor S. and Willa C. Bodman P'11 '14
Jim and Michele Bowe P'11 '13
Elizabeth and James C. Brainard P'10
Carolyn M. and Henry G. Brauer P'13
Adam B. and Licia Brown P'12
Douglas Carlson P'12
Christine C. Ciotti and Robert W. Hesslein P'13
Elizabeth and William H. Cochrane P'13
Richard T. and Sharon H. Cooper P'10
Janet I. and Kevin D. Cramer P'10 '12
William M. Dallas Jr. and Janet I. Neustaetter P'10
James L. and Meg Duke P'10
Linda J. and Richard A. Ely P'10
Christine and Michael Fallon P'10
Bruce W. and Lindsay P. Fleming P'12
Jeffrey C. Fort and Diane S. Locandro P'11
Elisabeth and Richard Foss P'10
Nancy and Nathaniel S. Gardiner P'13
James E. Geraghty Jr. and Susan J. Geraghty P'11
Marie B. and Peter F. Gerrity P'13
Elizabeth B. and Ronald E. Gluck P'13
Doreen D. and William E. Grady III P'12
Brian A. and Donna C. Gragnolati P'11
Steven C. Greenberg and Hannah Strasser P'12
Elizabeth and Whitney Hatch P'11 '13
John and Sarah Holman P'13
Robert A. and Tracey M. Hughes P'12
Nina L. and Ogden M. Hunnewell P'12
Irfan and Martha M. Hussain P'10
Debra A. and Michael R. Jaff P'11
Gerry Johnson and Linda R. Larson P'11
Kristin C. and Timothy D. Junkin P'11
Melvin Y. Kaneshige and Nancy E. Pace P'12
David B. and Sara M. Kelso P'13
Jaynie L. and William Kind P'13
Charles J. Kravetz and Deborah J. Sinay P'10
Paul J. Krump and Anne M. Schmidt-Krump P'13
Sheila and Thomas Larsen P'13
Elizabeth A. and John R. Massie P'13
Lynne M. Maguire and William I. Miller P'11
Nina and R. N. McElroy P'13
Elizabeth A. McGean and Thomas A. Blinkhorn P'14
Judson J. and Suzanne B. McIntire P'10
Matthew and Nancy McKenna P'10
Diana D. and Peter R. Merriam P'13
Tessa Namuth and Peter Papademetriou P'11
Jack and Margaret Neely P'10
Anne M. and Chris J. Policinski P'10
Bonnie Post P'11
John H. and Laurie L. Schlesinger P'13
Natalie K. and Robert W. Schlundt P'11
Audrey and Howard Seares P'13
Denise and Paul A. Silverman P'12
Herbert Smith IV and Marianna Smith P'10 '12
Jeffrey and Linda Thomas P'10
Anthony M. Vorlicek Sr. and Martha D. Vorlicek P'11 '14
Cecilia and Waide Warner P'09
Arnold-Peter and Yvonne Weiss P'10
Nancy and Russell Werner P'11
David A. and Nancy Westenberg P'11
Sandra S. Wijnberg P'10
Rick J. and Sarah G. Wilsterman P'11
Clark and Sharon Winslow P'11

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