Welcome from President Adams

President Adams dines with students.
Welcome to Colby. Even if you are already familiar with the College, I predict you can find things here that will surprise and inform you. If you are new to Colby, I’m envious—there is so much to discover.

I have read many “president’s welcome” messages, and we do tend to go on and on … and on … about our colleges. Forgive us. We love these places. I want to tell you how passionate I am about the liberal arts education at Colby and about how it inspires intellectual, personal, and social growth and accomplishment. Almost everyone who breathes this atmosphere comes away transformed—by a special teacher, a lifelong friendship, a luminous success in the classroom, or a moment of grace on a playing field.

I warned you; we do go on. So, instead of writing more and perpetuating that stereotype, let me suggest links to some interesting destinations in your virtual exploration of Colby.

Get the nuts and bolts of admission to Colby and read about initiatives such as the new program for eliminating loans in our financial aid packages.

For a view of the College from the students’ perspective, visit insideColby.com, an award-winning compendium of podcasts, vodcasts, photos, stories, blogs, and other information—all created by students.

This is a list of majors and minors with links from there to academic departments and programs, which are the real heart of the Colby experience.

Several initiatives on campus augment the classroom experience with other academic opportunities. Some examples: the Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement, environmental efforts represented on the GreenColby site, and the Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium.

The Colby College Museum of Art is unlike anything you would expect (or find) at an undergraduate college. In 2013 it will receive the Lunder Collection, one of the most important collections of 19th- and 20th-century American paintings, sculptures, and prints in private hands today.

As faculty adviser to the men’s ice hockey team, I’m partial to its site. But as a former three-sport athlete (none of them hockey) at Colorado College, I’m a fan of all of Colby’s teams.

Colby celebrated its bicentennial in 2013, so it was a good time to bone up on the College’s rich history. Some history highlights are online. There’s much more in the highly readable—even entertaining—book Mayflower Hill (2006), available from the Colby Bookstore.

Finally, how could I not include the president’s site and the President at the Podium? There you will find a number of essays and podcasts of speeches written by me, some of which do go on. Most are about my love of Colby, so I trust I’ll be forgiven.


William D. Adams