Bias Incident Prevention and Response


Colby's Value Statement on Diversity

Colby College is dedicated to the education of humane, thoughtful, and engaged persons prepared to respond to the challenges of an increasingly diverse and global society and to the issues of justice that arise therein. The College also is committed to fostering a fully inclusive campus community, enriched by persons of different races, gender identities, ethnicities, nationalities, economic backgrounds, ages, abilities, sexual orientations, political beliefs, and spiritual values. We strive to confront and overcome actions and attitudes that discourage the widest possible range of participation in our community, and we seek to deepen our understanding of diversity in our daily relationships and in our dealings as an institution.

Bias Incident Prevention and Response Team and Protocol
No college or community is immune to problems that arise as a result of various forms of bias.  As part of the College's commitment to maintain an inclusive campus, a Bias Incident Prevention and Response (BIPR) team and protocol have been developed.  The BIPR team is charged with responding to bias incidents involving members of the Colby community and working with other appropriate individuals, offices, and organizations to foster a climate of openness and inclusion on campus.  The team will also perform an educational role in fostering a climate of civility and mutual respect.

We urge all community members to familiarize themselves with the reporting protocol found in this document and to report promptly any incidents that violate the standards that we as a community seek to uphold. The College has a legal responsibility to collect data and report hate crimes and bias behavior.

Please note:

  • The reporting system does not create a new category of prohibited behavior or a new process for members of the Colby community to be disciplined or sanctioned.
  • Reported conduct that may be a violation of College policy by a student will be referred for action through existing disciplinary or judicial procedures.Reported conduct that may be a violation of College policy by a faculty member or staff member will be referred to the Dean of Faculty or Director of Human Resources, respectively.
  • The BIPR team has no authority to discipline any student or member of the faculty or staff. The BIPR team is charged with developing ways to respond to the community, and to strengthen and support the community when these incidents occur.