The Career Center

Congratulations and welcome to the Colby community. We at the College are confident that our students are well-prepared for successful careers. I often have the privilege of speaking with parents about their son's or daughter's future beyond Colby. We know Colby students are bright, motivated people who devote themselves to their academic work. They will graduate broadly educated with depth in their chosen field, adept at both synthesis and analysis, and with significant competency in research and writing, quantitative reasoning and life skills. They will have the ability and confidence to present themselves articulately.

Even our most accomplished students, however, must take the initiative in preparing themselves for life after Colby, including employment, fellowship, post-graduate internship and/or graduate school. The Career Center regularly publicizes our services to all students, but I thought you might also want to know more about the services and programs we offer to both you and your students.

Professional Pathways Exploration and Planning (PPEP), our career development curriculum, provides students with an on-going four-year curriculum comprised of workshops, presentations, and special programs aimed at assisting students with their post-graduate endeavors.  PPEP prepares students to be active participants in their own professional development process and provides a thorough understanding of professional application processes and networking.  Each of the four years offers a unique set of three workshops in the areas of self-assessment, career exploration and communication competence.

The ColbyConnect program connects students with faculty, alumni, parents and community partners through career conversations, job shadows, networking events, industry immersion events, and internships.  Colby’s network is one of the most significant assets your son or daughter has, and a primary goal of the Career Center is to provide numerous opportunities for each student to develop their own Colby network.  ColbyConnect also offers several off-campus career events each year across all industries.

Parents, as professionals, are invited to actively participate in assisting students and young graduates explore and prepare for future endeavors by providing a job shadow, internships or by participating in one of our many networking events. Parents are also invited to lead workshops on key skill sets needed to prepare and succeed in both the workplace and graduate programs, such as law, medicine and professional graduate studies. Together we prepare Colby students for valued roles in their communities, as qualified candidates for employment, and as well prepared graduate students.  If you are interested in learning more about volunteering with the Career Center you can go to

My staff and I are looking forward to partnering with your student throughout the career development process. Our doors are open to first-year students the moment they arrive on campus – let the journey begin!


The Career Center Team
Alisa Johnson, Director
Cate Talbot Ashton, Associate Director /Pre-professional advisor
Erica Humphrey, Associate Director of Employer Relations
Jordan Bell, Assistant Director of Internships and Employer Relations
Sarah Whitfield, Assistant Director
Jim Peacock, Career Counselor
Tammi-Lynn Hamm, Administrative Assistant
April Paul, Administrative Assistant