Multicultural Affairs at Colby College

Colby is committed to diversity. Our goal is to ensure that all students are successful at Colby College and beyond. In addition to the many opportunities available to students, we also offer unique access and support programs and campus-wide committees designed to encourage student success (recruitment, retention, graduation):

The Posse Program
Please contact Dr. Joe Atkins, Assistant Dean of Students at 207.859.4253 in the Dean of Students Office.

The Ralph Bunche Scholars
The scholarship program was started at Colby in 1979 to honor the memory of Nobel prize-winning diplomat, civil rights activist and friend of the college Ralph J. Bunche.  Scholars are chosen because of demonstrated academic achievement and community involvement. Each scholar is recognized through various efforts throughout the year, earns a learning stipend, and has access to resources to fund further learning and engagement in the area of peace, international studies, and social justice.
Please contact Dr. Tashia Bradley, Associate Dean of Students and Director of the Pugh Center at 207.859.4250 in the Dean of Students Office.

The Colby Achievement Program in the Sciences
CAPS is a summer program for students from diverse backgrounds. This program invites participants to engage in on-campus research during the summer and prepares them for their success at Colby College. This program is located in the Sciences department. Please contact the HHMI Program Coordinator, Christy Lepkowski Johnson at 207.859.5737.

Campus Climate Committees:

The Race & Racism Committee serves as a vehicle for considering policy, practices, and issues of any kind relates to, but not limited to, race and racism on campus; review and suggest strategies:
  1. for addressing racial harassment
  2. for addressing curricular issues, e.g., the diversity requirement
  3. for hiring and retention of faculty and staff of color, including affirmative action
  4. for recruiting and retaining students of color
  5. regarding policies and practices pertaining to residential life, and campus climate, e.g. racial awareness training initiatives
Multicultural Affairs Committee serves as a vehicle for considering policy, practices and issues of any kind related to, but not limited to, matters of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and other multicultural matters.

The Pugh Center Advisory Committee (formerly the Pugh Building Committee) provides direction and guidance for the efforts of the Pugh Center. The committee meets to collaborate, partner, communicate, and problem-solve about the ways in which the Center can support an inclusive Colby College.

The Cultural Events Committee (CEC) accepts requests for co-sponsorship of events, learning opportunities, and lectures. Requesting funds includes submission of a completed Cultural Events Form. Due to the proposal review process (all proposals are reviewed by the Cultural Events Committee) so please submit in a timely manner. Please note if the CEC agrees to co-sponsor, it is expected that publicity will reflect our sponsorship and acknowledgment at event should be provided. The funds that support the CEC's sponsorship are:

  • The Guy P. Gannett Lecture Fund - Established in 1963 to be devoted to "general scholarly subjects not covered by other established lectures at Colby."
  • Herbert Carlyle Libby Lecture Fund - Established in 1997 "to provide support for bringing speakers to campus."
  • Donna & Martin Ritter Lecture Fund - Established in 1999 "to support lectures and other student programs that would offer alternatives to social activities centered on alcohol."
  • Spencer Fund - World Unity


Campus Conversations on Race (CCOR) are opportunities for dialogue on race and ethnicity. Trained facilitators lead group dialogue to assist participants in fuller understanding of race and ethnicity. Please contact Dr. Joe Atkins at 207.859.4253, Assistant Dean of Students, for more information.