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    The Pugh Center is located in Cotter Union and is more than just a physical space. This dynamic center is home to several clubs/organizations, offices, diverse programs, and support services. The center engages in work that is a reflection of Colby's vision of a multicultural society.

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    The Pugh Center programs are designed to provide awareness, support, and affirmation of various diverse experiences relating to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual diversity, and socio-economic status. These efforts focus on multicultural student success and academic excellence initiatives, inclusion, and eradication of oppression at Colby College and beyond.

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    The Pugh Center provides opportunities for campus-wide engagement, exploration, and education regarding diverse experiences and to promote multicultural communication and understanding. Throughout the year the center hosts several cultural, heritage, and awareness programs, Martin Luther King Jr. Day Commemoration, and the Pugh Center Lecture Series.

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    The Pugh Center serves as a dynamic space for dialogue, gathering, programming, and exploration of material resources. The Center provides a common area that can be reserved, literary and media holdings that can be borrowed, and office space for several student organizations and clubs. Students are encouraged to engage and strengthen their leadership skills around multiculturalism by participating.

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    The Pugh Center offers a resource library and common learning room. The resource library has many resources material on diverse topics. To borrow DVD's, books, magazine resources please review our list of holdings and participate in our materials check out process. The campus community is welcome to borrow materials for 2-weeks. Please return items when due, or non-compliance may result in a fine or loss of borrowing privileges.

    The common learning room can be reserved by completing the Reservation Form.


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