Colby College Student Handbook

Welcome to Colby!
Jim Terhune
Dean of Students
As a Colby student you have available world-class academic programs, strong international study options, and a growing array of community- and civic engagement opportunities. Colby is known not only for its academic challenge, but also for its supportive community atmosphere. I hope you will become a successful and engaged member of our campus community during your college career.

This Colby College Student Handbook is designed to introduce many of the aspects of life at Colby to you, including academic policies, rules and regulations, and safety tips. While few constraints are placed on Colby students, certain regulations are necessary for our community to function successfully and safely. You are expected to know and abide by these regulations, which are outlined in this handbook.

The student handbook serves as a companion piece to the Colby College Catalogue, which outlines the College’s academic information, requirements, course descriptions, academic programs, off-campus study, January Programs, and more. You should become familiar with both publications for a thorough understanding of College regulations.

It’s also comforting to know that you can turn to a wide range of people at Colby for support when you need it—from getting your e-mail account up and running to adjusting to a new roommate. Colby’s Student Support Team, which includes the Office of the Dean of Students, Health and Counseling Services, and the College chaplains, can assist you in dealing with campus life and academic, emotional, physical, or practical problems that may arise during your college years.

The Student Services section of this handbook describes some of the people and offices on campus that are ready to assist you. I hope you will turn to the Office of the Dean of Students or the many other campus resources available when you need assistance or a question answered.

Welcome to the Colby community,
Jim Terhune
Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

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