Health and Counseling


Health and Counseling

Understanding wellness and practicing healthy lifestyle choices are critical components in a balanced and well-rounded education. The health care professionals at Colby (both in counseling and at the student health center) are uniquely situated to help students to become informed and active participants in establishing and maintaining good personal health habits both at college and in their lives after Colby. 

Counseling Services:  Information for Parents of New Students

Starting college is an important milestone in your child’s life.  With it will come lots of new experiences and new challenges.  As you approach this exciting time you (and your child) may also have some apprehensions about what lies ahead.  We all hope that the transition to life at Colby will be a smooth one for your daughter or son.  Young people tend to be resilient and adapt well to new situations.  But, sometimes there are “bumps” along the way and this is where we in the Counseling Services may be a helpful resource.  As we welcome you to Colby we want to give you some information about our services and how to access them.
  • Experienced licensed professional therapists staff Colby’s Counseling Service.  Please visit our web page  to learn about the staff and for more information about our services.  We are located in the Garrison Foster Health Center. 
  • Students can make appointments on-line by going to their “my Colby” page and clicking on the Counseling tab.  There is no charge for our services and no limit on the number of sessions a student may have.  
  • We value confidentiality as an important part of an effective counseling relationship.  Therefore, we will only speak with parents (or anyone else) if a student has given specific written permission for us to do so.  Of course, we make the necessary exceptions for situations in which we believe there is danger of self-harm or harm to another. 
  • There is always a counselor on-call for emergencies twenty-four hours a day whenever the college is in session.  The counselor on-call can be reached through Campus Security.
Most of the time students use our services to help them deal with the normal stresses and concerns of college life – homesickness, adjusting to roommates, friendships, romantic relationships, family issues, etc.  But sometimes students seek us out to help them deal with ongoing concerns such as anxiety, depression, eating problems, etc.  Students who have been in counseling before coming to Colby often are encouraged to establish a relationship with one of our staff for ongoing support.  We have access to the Colby medical staff and the consulting services of a local psychiatrist for students who are taking (or may benefit from) medications.

We hope that your child’s Colby experience will be a positive one filled with many opportunities for intellectual growth, meaningful relationships, and satisfying extra-curricular activities.  However, on those occasions when life presents challenges that seem too much to handle alone, we hope they will reach out to us in Counseling Services.  

Eric Johnson, Director of Counseling Services

Ozgur Dicle Turkoglu, Psychologist Counseling

Jing Ye, Psychological Counselor


Health Center

The mission of the Garrison-Foster Health Center is to enhance Colby’s academic environment by providing quality health care, health education, and preventive services to students in a caring, cost-effective, and convenient manner. The center provides a bridge for the health-care needs of students as they transition away from home, often for the first time, and emphasizes preventive and outpatient care.
  •  The health center is available to all students at no cost for routine visits and services.
  • The center is staffed by one physician, three mid-level practitioners (PA, FNP), certified athletic trainers, a medical technologist, a drug and alcohol counselor, and experienced registered nurses and office staff. Registered dieticians, as well as a board certified psychiatrist also are available for consultation.
  • Students who need emergency care or more specialized attention are sent to MaineGeneral Medical Center, a major hospital within a mile of Colby.
Colby Emergency Response is a group of students trained as radio-dispatched emergency medical technicians who respond to health emergencies on campus. This network ensures that all accident/illness victims on campus are assisted swiftly and skillfully.

Appointments with the medical practitioners are available weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Students can use the walk-in clinic to see the nurse if they are sick or injured after hours. Students may also arrange to see the nurse for allergy shots and immunizations for travel abroad.

The health center is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and from noon to 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. For more information visit

Paul D. Berkner, Medical Director

Lydia Bolduc-Marden, Nurse Practitioner

Katie Sawyer, Coordinator of Alcohol and Drug Programs

Donna A. Jurdak-Roy, Nurse/Laboratory Coordinator

Judith A. Whyte, Health Center Head Nurse

Jennifer G. Riddle, Nurse Practitioner

Holly G. Weidner, Nurse Practitioner

Laura K. Patterson, Nurse

Robin Shafer, Nurse

Timothy Weston, Head Athletic Trainer