14 Days

14 days. That's all. Colby starts in 14 days.


14 days and you'll be here for real. Living on Mayflower Hill. Eating in
Dana or Bob's or Foss.  Talking with your classmates face to face instead of
Facebook to Facebook (though you'll probably keep doing that too).  Meeting
faculty.  Going on COOT. Starting your Colby journey.


14 days to finish shopping and packing and getting organized. You'll take
your last shifts at the Dairy Queen or teaching swimming to five year-olds
or cutting lawns. You're friends who are going to colleges in other parts of
the country will be heading off and beginning classes before you even start
thinking about filling boxes and suitcases.  You'll figure out with your brothers
and sisters what's coming to Colby with you and what they can borrow while
you're at school.


14 days. There's a lot to learn, right? It's okay. You're ready and we're
going to help you. Over the next two weeks you will receive several LIVING
COLBY installments from me sharing what are intended to be tips and insights
about life at Colby (e.g. academic expectations, living with a roommate,
social life, etc.) to help you in the comings days and weeks. Don't worry.

We've got your back.

14 days. That's all.

14 days and you'll really be a Colby student.  It's a big deal. And it should be. There
are a few really special relationships that impact our lives in truly profound and
lasting ways. The relationships we have with our families and some close friends
if we're lucky. For many of us there is or will be a spouse or life partner. And then
there are a handful of places or groups or organizations. A team.Perhaps the city or
town where you grew up. A church or community based organization or a performing group.

And Colby.Your college.Your alma mater - which translated to English means nourishing
mother. And if you let Colby into your heart and your soul she will indeed nourish you.
And you will nourish Colby because ultimately Colby is the people who have made up
this remarkable community for 200 years. The people who came before us. The people
who are here now, teaching and learning through their connections to this place and to each
other. And the people who will follow us on this hill in central Maine in the centuries to come.

14 days. And then the rest of your life.


Jim Terhune
Dean of Students

(NOTE: If you have questions or there are issues you'd like to know more about
please email us at dos@colby.edu )