Hall Staff Bio's


 Community Advisors (CAs) play a huge role in assisting students with their adjustment to life at Colby.  Their aim in the residence halls is to build cohesive communities where students feel safe and included.  CAs are available for students who need a person to go to about any issue they may be having, whether it be in their personal or academic lives, and are able to direct students to the appropriate services around campus.

Below is a list of the Colby CAs and where they are placed for the upcoming year!  The number of CAs per residence hall is a reflection o the number of students who live in each hall.

Hillside "chillside" CA's

Hey guys! I'm Jamie Suzuki and I am a sophomore from Jackson, NJ. Next year I'll be living on the 2nd floor of Sturtevant! I'm a Chemistry and Theatre & Dance double major and a Mathematics minor. Which means I spend most of my time in the lab or in the studio and I love every second of it! On campus I'm on the Colby dance team, Hipnotik. This whole summer I've been hanging out at Colby doing some chemistry research, climbing some mountains and having so much fun! Can't wait to meet everyone

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Hey! I'm Charlie Frank, and I am a Junior Chemistry-Biochemistry major from Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania. I am a returning Community Advisor and will be on the second floor of Williams this year. I am also one of the Directors of Colby EMS. I love being outside, and try to ski or roam around campus with friends whenever possible. I am really excited to meet all of you; it's going to be an awesome year!

the armor's real

Hello! My name is Hank Lanphier, and I am excited to be one of the two CAs in the Taylor dorm. I am a senior returning for my third year on Hall Staff. I started as a bio major, but now I’m a double major in Classical Civilization and History. Kinda a big switch, I know.  I’m also running the Historical European Martial Arts group (soon to be a full club I hope!) as part of my attempts to do some hands on learning. In my spare time, I like to hang out, play video games, and blacksmith. I am looking forward to meeting all of the new Taylor residents, and my door will always be open if anyone needs advice, help, or just wants to talk.


Hi! I’m Amanda Carbonneau from Hokinton, MA and I will be living in West Quad (BEST QUAD!) next year.  I am a psych:neuro major with a minor in education.  At Colby I enjoy riding with the Colby Equestrian team and hanging out with kids at the South End Teen Center in Waterville.  In my free time I like to run, practice birdcalls, ride my horse, and drink ice coffee.  I can’t wait to meet you all and I’m pumped for another great year at Colb City!

Leonard's CA!

Hey there, my name's Luke Martin and I'm the CA in Leonard.  I am a sophmore from Cape Cod, Mass and am majoring in English and Music.  I play guitar for the jazz band and am on the tennis team.  I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and starting another year at Colby!  Let's see, things I enjoy... playing guitar (always down to jam...), having nerf gun wars, playing ping pong, Spongebob...  Yup.  Come by whenever, my door is always open! 

Marriner CA!

Well hello there attractive people. My name's Chelsea Tyler and I'm a junior English major/Cinema Studies minor from Colby's backyard, Oakland, Maine. If I had to sum up my interests in three words, they'd have to be: ponies, desserts, and puzzles. I'm so stoked to be the CA of Marriner this school year and create some sweet hillside events so GET EXCITED. Feel free to come visit me in Marriner anytime for some good movies and terrible jokes.

Awesome AMS CAs

Oh heeeyy! I’m Annalyse Tamashiro and I’ll be living on the 1st floor of Mitchell (come visit any time!). I was born and raised in Hawaii, but I absolutely love Maine and cold weather. I’m a senior psychology major, fencer, and member of Colby Dancers. I adore big hugs, bad puns, sarcasm, and silliness. I hope you’re all as pumped for this year as I am!


Hi, I'm Pasquale Eckert, and I’m a junior at Colby. I come from Harvard, Mass, a small town with way more apple trees than people.  I love Maine, from the colors in the fall to the thunder-snow in the winter.  For activities, I'm primarily a skier and a golfer but I love to play all sports and don't mind relaxing afterwards with some Halo.  My freshman year, I studied abroad in France during the fall semester and had a blast.  I'm a Biology major and I’m considering adding on an Art major as well.  Stop by my room anytime on the third floor of Anthony.

A veteran CA, everyone knows Christine rocks!I'm Christine Reynolds and this will be my third year as a Community Advisor.  I am a senior Biochemistry major from Hermon, Maine which is about an hour north of Colby (yes, there are things north of Mayflower Hill).  Last fall I had the fabulous opportunity to sail in the South Pacific with 27 other amazing friends as part of my study abroad program.  When I wasn't catching some sun in Bora Bora or snorkeling in coral reefs, I was conducting an independent research project studying the effects of climate change on our ocean habitats.  In the summers I work for a muscular dystrophy research laboratory at the University of Maine where I get to play with fish and science all day long (its so cool!).  At Colby when I'm not studying or romping around the lab, I am usually working for the Goldfarb Center's Get Up Downtown partnership, playing at recess with my mentee Cody, or searching out a great cup of coffee.  


"Girls Sam" the ARD

I'm Sam, I'm from the Bay Area, and I'm a senior. I've been a CA in Foss and Johnson, and I'm super excited to finish off my third year of hall staff as an ARD in Anthony this year! I love being a CA, but I also dabble in some other areas like playing on Colby's soccer team and cracking funny (sometimes not funny) jokes as a member of Colby Improv. I can't wait to meet all of you--feel free to stop by Anthony 290 any time!

The Quad & Averill CA's
The one one the right =)

Hey! I’m Jonathan Kalin, hailing from the best state in the country—dirty jerz! Home of Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Lauryn Hill, and your CA if you are lucky enough to be living in the basement of East Quad. I’m majoring in Economics and Philosophy. I am also currently minoring in Chinese, which is the reason I spent my summer in Shanghai! When it’s not study time, you can find me any where from the basketball court to the stage, from breaking it down at the school dances to singing in the Chapel. Other important things to know about me are: I have two dogs and two cats, I find celery somewhat irrelevant, and Thomas the Tank Engine was my favorite childhood TV series.

East Quad

Hey everyone! I’m Sydney Graetz (or Syd if you’re into nicknames), and I’m a sophomore from Milford, Connecticut. I couldn’t be more excited to be a CA on the first floor of East Quad next year, WOOHOO! I love baking, eating, and summertime. Clearly I’m big on food, so you can expect a good amount of that next year. I also have an identical twin sister who goes to Yale; so if at some point you see two of me walking around campus don’t be alarmed. I can’t wait for another awesome year at Colby and to meet all of you!

DavidHello! How's everyone doing? My name is Dave Murphy and I'm going to be living in East Quad this fall.  Extremely pumped about that by the way especially because of the epic rivalry we can have with West Quad.  I'm a sophomore at Colby and when fall rolls around I'll be able to say that I have spent one full year in Maine seeing as I decided to stay and work at Colby over the summer. In case you're interested, Colby is the place to be in the summer.  I still have no idea what I'm going to major in but at least I've been able to take lots of super interesting courses.  Other than that I run Cross Country and Track and Field at Colby and I'm more than happy to show anyone some local running loops
being to awesome can earn you a place in the stockades according to some state laws...

My name is Chris Greenlee and I am entering my Sophmore year here at Colby.  I had so much fun this past year at college that I decided I wanted to be a CA!  At Colby I run track and cross country and have a slight obsession with iPlay broomball.  I am pretty much all about being outdoors and having a good time so get ready

West Quad!

Hi! I’m Amanda Carbonneau from Hokinton, MA and I will be living in West Quad (BEST QUAD!) next year.  I am a psych:neuro major with a minor in education.  At Colby I enjoy riding with the Colby Equestrian team and hanging out with kids at the South End Teen Center in Waterville.  In my free time I like to run, practice birdcalls, ride my horse, and drink ice coffee.  I can’t wait to meet you all and I’m pumped for another great year at Colb City!

West Quad!Nick Rimsa – I'm pschyed to be back on staff this year, this time in West. About me? I'm from the smallest town in Connecticut, I've got two sisters, and I'm a junior this year. On campus, I play basketball, study economics and psychology, play the piano when I've got time, and am doing COOT in the fall. More about me? I've got a pretty eclectic music collection and really like to play it loudly, so stop by on the second floor and jam with me anytime. West is going to be even better than it was last year because we're going to be waging geographical war against East. We also will be having many impromptu water balloon fights, movie watching adventures, and general food endeavors.

West Quad Emma (as opposed to Dana Emma)Hi! My name is Emma and I am beyond excited to be one of the three CA's in West Quad. I am a junior majoring in Psychology and Anthropology, and cannot wait to meet all of the new West Quad residents and discover your interests! My door will always be open for conversations, advice, or simply to enjoy a cup of tea!
Averill CA!

Hello everyone! My name is Karen Abbas, I will be one of the happy community advisors in Averill this year! I am really excited to get to meet you all and possibly have impromptu Broadway productions in the lounge. I live in New York City and my parents are from two completely different sides of the globe, but I will let you guess and see if you can figure out where. I am an anthropology major because I love people and different cultures but I also like studying about human rights issues and seeing if there is any way I can help out even from  so far away. While I am a city girl, I have learned so much at Colby about how to widen my horizons. I am a member of the equestrian team, am on the leadership team for Colby Christian Fellowship and just got back from a semester abroad in Spain, so if you want to join any of those or have questions feel free to ask. I also love to sing and just be a little loud sometimes, just not during quiet hours! I hope we can all have a lot of fun this year and learn to grow together as a community. I really want to be there for my community so just remember that I will be there for you guys. Even if you do not live in Averill and you need someone to talk to just come on over and I will listen and try my best to help. So if you see me just remember that I want to see you smile!

Averill CA!

Hey everyone! I'm Tim Badmington and, in addition to being a sophomore psych major I'll be the best 3rd-floor Averill CA in all of Colby. I'm from a suburb of Baltimore, Maryland, but am a New Englander at heart. In no particular order, my life priorities are as follows: wiffleball, burritos, free t-shirts, and Helvetica Bold. I play rugby at Colby and pretend like I dabble in other extracurriculars as well. The past few summers I've made a luxurious living stocking Canada Dry products at every grocery store (literally) in central Maryland. It should be noted that I'm indifferent to long walks on the beach. I can't wait to meet you all, but if you want to get a head start, follow me on Twitter @AnquaRell (I'll follow back.)

Coburn, Mary Low, Foss, Woodman, and Dana CA's

I'm Adam Spierer and I am a junior from Bedford, NH. This year I will be living on the second floor of Coburn. At Colby, I am a Bio-Chem major and I am a member of the Swim Team, Water Polo Club, and the Writers' Center. This past summer, I lead a leadership training program through Israel for five weeks and then a two week bit back in America for a two week intensive bit on being a counselor at overnight camp. In my free time I will most likely be found eating, burning off sugar, doing the unexpected, or sleeping...it all depends on where you catch me in my cycle. I can't wait to kick off the year and bring Colby back to life "/>                


Hi! I'm Camille Gross, and I'll be a CA on the third floor of Coburn (aka epicness)! I'm a sophomore Music major/Education minor from Charlotte, North Carolina, which means I spend most of my time singing or talking about how I'm from the south. I lived in quiet housing last year as a freshman, and it was excellent; I'm really excited to be back! I'm also involved in CCAK and Chorale, and I'm a leader in the Colby Christian Fellowship. I am a great proponent of going to bed/getting up early. And lastly, I have four really amazing, intelligent, and good-looking siblings, and I get super lonely living without them, so come visit me!!!

Mary Low CA!

Hi! My name is Kate Connolly and I'll be a CA on the third floor of Mary Low! I am a rising sophomore from Needham, Massachusetts (literally 20 minutes outside of Boston). Currently, I am a history major and a math minor (subject to change) and I run three seasons at Colby! In my free time, I love long walks on the beach, sunsets, and poking dead things with a stick!...umm okay not really but that’s what my favorite bumper sticker says! In reality, I'm a sports fanatic, I love to bake, collect bumper stickers, play word games, listen to music, and go on adventures!!! Also my favorite use of punctuation is the exclamation mark!

I can't wait to meet all of you! 

Mary Low CA

I'm Chris Henderson and I'm going to be living on the second floor of Mary Low this year, except during midterms and finals, when I live in the library. I'm from the D.C. area, so I'll be lucky if one of our sports teams wins a championship in the next couple of decades. At Colby I'm a Government/History major and a member of the Cross Country and Track teams. I enjoy running, playing/watching soccer (go Gunners!), reading, and listening to dubstep. When I'm not running, I can usually be found honing my ping pong skills in the basement of Pierce. Feel free to ask me


Hi friends! My name is Holly and I'm a proud member of Colby's class of 2013 (this year's junior class). This is my second year on hall staff and I am very excited to be back. In real life I'm from Milton, MA, but on campus I live on the second floor of Foss. I enjoy baking, princesses and other such pleasantries, and am an avid follower of Boston sports. Looking forward to a great year!


major he isn't that good at and one that offers few job offers and is contemplating majoring in Trophy Husbandship. He is a member of the Colby Eight, Colby's oldest all male A Cappella Group. Off the Hill Stephen spends his summers at Camp Agawam as their head of Sailing. Stephen also enjoys spending his winters on the slopes of Sugar Loaf where he can be found skiing bumps, powder, and chasing ski bunnies. He would like to interject that if anyone ever has an extra spot in their car they will be justly compensated for gas and will forever be held in his list of favorite people. Finally Stephen is extremely excited for his first year as a CA and can't wait to be back on the Hill.

The amazing ARD of Foss!

Hi everyone! My name is Taylor Horan, and I'm from Medfield, MA. I'll be a senior this year, and I can't believe I only have one more year left at Colby. Hopefully you'll fall in love with the school as much as I have! I'm a psychology major and an education minor, as well as a First Semester Away student (I did my first semester abroad freshmen year in Dijon, France), a Colby Cares About Kids mentor, and an Admissions tour guide. I love running, participating in Colby events, and enjoying relaxing afternoons by Johnson Pond or on the quad in front of Miller. I'm living in Foss this year as one of the ARDs. Feel free to stop by whenever, and we can go eat a delicious meal downstairs in the best dining hall on campus! Can't wait to get to know you all!


My name is Amanda O'Malley and I am really looking forward to being one of the CAs in Woodman.  I'm a sophomore and majoring in International Studies and Economics.  Some of my hobbies include eating, painting, and frolicking in the meadows.  My favorite food is steak and Chinese noodles, and I can lick my elbow. I love meeting new people and am really looking forward to hanging out with my Woodman residents!


Esther, the baller Belgian is undoubtedly an amazing CA

Hi! My name’s Esther, I’m a Junior and one of the three CA’s in Woodman this fall. I’m an English and History double major from Brussels, Belgium, that magical land of waffles and chocolate across the pond. I love lazy afternoons at Jorgensen’s, spending time in the great outdoors and hunting for treasure in Waterville’s many thrift stores. I’m psyched to be back on Hall Staff this semester and can’t wait to meet you all!

Woodman!          Hi! I'm Clayton Maurice Brown, but I go by Clay or Ton-Ton around my close friends and I hope we all become close friends. I am from Brooklyn, NY but I lived in Jamaica until I was six years old. I have two little sisters and one older brother whom I love dearly. Growing up in New York City I have taken an interest to a wide range of things and I always remain open to new cultures, people, ways of thinking, art, and of course expressing oneself. My favorite things I like to do are read, free-write, play basketball, recite poetry, and I love to sit with someone and just argue or debate and learn from a person by conversing. I was on my high school basketball team, I was recruited by Colby, I ran track my freshman year, but now I gave up my athletic life for a more academic and intellectual life at Colby. I have always loved to learn in new ways and different ways, so I am fully dedicated to learning from everyone I can at Colby while I am here. I am excited, proud, and elated to have been chosen as a CA. I hope

Hi! My name is Celeste Lattanzi and I'm a rising sophomore majoring in Child Development. After living in California my whole life I decided to come to Colby and check out Maine winters. I love skiing, sledding, and frolicking in the snow, and when it's not freezing out (and sometimes when it is) I love to run, cook, play soccer, and watch cheesy movies. I'll be living in the basement of Woodman next year so stop on by! 

Emma, Dana CA


My name is Emma, although I also go by the more popular nickname: schmemms. I will be the CA on Dana first floor, and I am thrilled to be there for all the fun, excitement, and inevitable shenanigans! I am a Gov. and GS double major but would eventually like to reveal my true identity as Captain Planet. On the side I chill with my guitar, play for Colby's  club ultimate frisbee team, and sing a cappella in the Sirens. Get ready to rock out on Dana Beach!



Greetings from a summer spent in the fast-paced cities of China, and high-reaching peaks of the Rocky Mountains, and the rains of Guatemala!  My name is Ellicott (it rhymes with delicate--let's just get that over with early) and I'll be living on the 2nd floor of Dana this fall.  At Colby, you can usually find me in Foss, the Outing Club Office, Diamond or Lovejoy (I'm a Latin American Studies and Anthropology double-major), the Office of Campus Life, or out on the trails in the arboretum and on Runnals Hill.  I love being outside and spending time with friends at meals that last way too long.  I'm very excited to live in Dana, where I hope to see open doors and smiley people.My advice to incoming first-years?  Bring your personality--we're going to love it!  See you up on the Hill!


Hey everybody, My name's Alex Baier and I can't wait to meet you all! Fun facts about me; I'm a sophomore this year, I'm living in Dana (second floor), I'm a Psych major with a concentration in Neuroscience and a Chem minor, and I like to sail/swim/hike/run/read. Feel free to stop by anytime to get to know me.


Hey everyone, and welcome to Colby! I'm Jason Ottomano and I'm from Connecticut, affectionately known as "the CT." Here on the Hill I play tennis for the Mules, and have been described by those who know me as "mediocre at best." Classic rock is great, but Country music is where it's at these days. If you hear Brad Paisley or T-Swift bumpin' down the halls, chances are it's coming from my room. What else should you know about me? Well, I have two national championships to my name, both in the sport of Platform, or Paddle Tennis. Don't know what that is? You're not alone. Stop by some time and I'll tell you about it. That's what we call an ice-breaker right there. One last thing: For those of you who have yet to realize this, living in Dana also means living above a dining hall. SCORE. Again, welcome to Colby, and we'll see you soon!

Robert's Row CA's
Johnson's the CA in Johnson!

Colby! My name is Jaclyn, and I am excited to be the Community Advisor in Johnson this year! I'm a senior biology major and education minor from Dover, New Hampshire. I enjoy baking, swimming, arts and crafts projects, and traveling and exploring new places.  Most recently, I was able to spend the summer in Saratoga Springs, New York, where I worked with little geniuses at a "smart camp" and came to love the city of Saratoga. Still, I'm a proud New Englander, and I will always root for the Celtics and the Red Sox. I look forward to meeting you!         

Randy Person, CA in Johnson!

Sup Dudes and Lady Dudes (Dudettes)! My name is Randy Person and I’ll be living in Johnson on the 3rd Floor along with The Dopest CO in DA LEAGUE, Jaclyn Johnson. I am originally from New York City but have lived in LA for the past 10 years. I am decently chill but can also be a little out there and ridiculous—isn’t everyone? I really like sports and just doing stuff. I am currently in the process of starting dread locs, so hopefully when I see you in the fall I’ll have some sick Bob Marley flow…or at least Ricky Williams in his college days! (eww)

Gabby, the CA in Go-Ho!


Hello future Go-Ho residents! My name is Gabriela Wyatt and I am a History major with a minor in math and I will be your CA for the fall semester! I hail from Princeton, New Jersey and my hobbies range from reading, to hiking, to cooking. I spent this past summer lounging around at home, scooping ice cream and making spread sheets (thrilling, I know) so therefore, I am PUMPED to return to Colby. I will be going abroad in the spring (hopefully) so I will only get to spend one semester with you guys, but I know it will be great! I can't wait to meet all of you!



Hello everyone! My name is Mackenzie Milne and I am a sophomore here at Colby, majoring in Biology with biochem concentration and minoring in Theater and Dance. I love sunny days, science labs, and munching late into the night at the spa! I can't wait to meet all the new Colbyers-especially the AWESOME Grossman residents-and have a blast this year! My door is always open, so please feel free to stop by anytime!

Having served time with the other Chris in the stockade for being too awesome, Chris Crabbe combines 3 years of Hall Staff experience with the previously mentioned awesomeness to be the ARD in Grossman

Hi there! My name is John Christopher Franklin Crabbe, but most people call me Chris or Chriscrabbe (please note the absence of a pause in between). Some of my favorite things include: mint chocolate chip ice cream, China, llamas, Jorgensons, the annual a cappella sampler, George Foreman grills, the Waterville farmers' market, and making birthday cards (just ask the former Leonardites). I am SUPER excited to let you know that I'll be the ARD for Bob's Row this year. So don't be shy; come visit me on Grossman third floor, even if it's just to say "Hi!".


Hiya! My name is Shamika Murray and I am a sophomore from the city of brotherly love aka Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’m currently a psychology major with a concentration in neuroscience but I have been known to change to mind. I’m excited to be on hall staff for the first time this year on the second floor of Pi-Wi (Perkins-Wilson). When I’m not too busy chocking down a cheesesteak, I love trying new things and I’m obsessed with Disney princesses. If I’m not in class or in the best dorm on campus (Pe-Wi) you can always catch me in the Pugh center. See you in the fall!

Stan "the man" Abrams

Hello! My name is Stan Abrams and I'm a senior from Lexington, MA. Pierce is where I'll be, so don't be afraid to come find me. I'm studying the Classics (like ancient Greek and Latin), but I'm also involved in the sciences in the hopes of going to med school. Frankly, I'm interested in just about everything, but on campus I'm most noticeable as a part of the Goldfarb Center, as a member of an a cappella group, and as a CA (duh!). I like being outside and I'm a big fan of skiing. So when it comes time, whether you've grown up on a mountain or have never been before, hit me up! Or if you'd rather, let's grab a meal, go for a run, or just play video games. Adventures are always fun. I'm super excited to be spending my last year at Colby living on the row, so be sure to bring your A-game and we'll have an awesome time!

Katia, the CA in the OASIS housingMy name is Katia Licea and I am super excited to be the CA of Piper in the Oasis Housing. I am a sophomore and I am double majoring in Spanish and Women Gender and Sexuality and I am hoping to get a minor in Education. I hope to have a lot of fun with all my residents and if you guys need anything, have questions or just need to talk please don't hesitate to contact me my door is always open.
Here to rock the newly rennovated Treworgy, Melanie's bringing her formidable CA skills to the table


Hi hi hi!  My name is Melanie Brown, and I’m going to be living in the new and improved Treworgy this year!  I’m a junior English and Psych double major from Denver, Colorado, which I would love to show you pictures of sometime because it’s really pretty.  I have them in my wallet sometimes, much like a grandmother.  Also like a grandmother, I love babies, cashews, Scrabble, yelling at cats, Werther’s originals, Will O’Brien, and hot tea.  Unlike a grandmother, I love the Decemberists, running, poetry, How to Train Your Dragon, Harry Potter night in Foss, diving into snowbanks, and building forts.  I’ll probably bake you something if you visit.  We can have tea too.  It’ll be sweet!  I can’t wait.

Heights CA's
Heights CA!

What's up everyone I'm Brandan Rivard from Manchvegas, New Hampshire. I'll be the heights first floor CA and am looking forward to chilling with everyone living in the dorm. On the hill I'm on the Colby Men's Soccer Team and spent way too much time doing a bunch of other clubs and being an iPlay hero. After turning down Yale and Harvard because they weren't bro enough, I'm studying at Colby as an Econ major with a minor in getting rich and should be the talk of Wall Street any day now.


Everyone agrees, Omari is an amazing person and along with Brandon and Emily they're gonna make Heights great.

Hey! I'm Omari George Franco Matthew! And I'm your CA for Heights. I'm from the infamous New York City and I'm part of the Colby Posse 9 (A leadership organization who gave me the scholarship to come to this amazing college). My major is Biology with a Concentration in Ecology and Evolution, and my minor is Japanese. Aside from academics, I'm part of the Colby Taiko Club and SOBHU (Students Organized for Black and Hispanic Unity), and I hope to be making a club of my own someday! Aside from anything Colby related, I love to cook, listen to music (preferably Acid Jazz and Classic Rock), play music (preferably on my Bass Guitar or Harmonica), and sleep (preferably on my bed NY). I'm not as physically active as I should be, but, to make up for it, I'm unbeatable in most videogames and amazing with technology. Even though I'm so in touch with hard metallic technology, I have a softer side. I love chick flicks, romantic movies, British T.V. shows, Japanese animation, long walks on the beach, and animals. I don't think I can describe myself anymore than this, but, if you're positive there is more to me, don't be afraid to start some conversation! (I know I won't)


Hello! My name is Emily and I am very excited to be a CA in Heights this year! Among my many likes are peppermint ice cream, the beach (convenient, since I live in Miami), and Chipotle. Anyone who wants to go on a Dairy Cone adventure, or simply hang out, should definitely come find me. I am looking forward to meeting all the awesome residents of Heights this year, seeing as Heights is the best dorm on campus!