Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Here we go. At last the waiting and anticipation is behind you. For you, the
Class of 2016, Colby starts tomorrow!

Check-in is from 8 a.m. to noon in Pulver Pavilion. Please follow the blue
signs to Pulver before going to your residence hall.  At check-in you will
receive your room key, an orientation schedule, a parent schedule, and more.
Once you have checked in you will then head to your residence hall to move
in. After you have unloaded your car please move it to the nearest parking
lot so as to make room for the next group to unload.

The check-in process moves quickly and easily so there is no reason for you
to rush to get here before 8. Of course, if you want to stand around waiting
in line no one is going to stop you, but there really is no advantage to
being here before we open and you'd probably be happier stopping for a cup
of coffee or breakfast instead of racing to get here by 7:30.

Likewise, if you are planning to arrive later in the morning be assured that
there is plenty of time and assistance to get everything taken care of. Just
try not to worry and enjoy the day.

There will be lots of students on hand to provide assistance with move-in
and we will do our best to help you stay dry if it is wet. But, the weather
forecast is calling for a chance of rain showers so plan accordingly.

Have a good night. Travel safely. And, we'll see you tomorrow.


Jim Terhune
Dean of Students 

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