Davis Projects for Peace

Davis Projects for Peace is an invitation to all undergraduates enrolled as of fall 2009 at any of the more than 90 American colleges and universities in the Davis United World College Scholars Program, including Colby. Students are invited to design grassroots projects that they will implement during the summer of 2010. The 100 projects judged to be the most promising and do-able will be funded at $10,000 each. The objective is to encourage and support today’s motivated youth to create and try out their own ideas for building peace in the 21st century.
Davis Projects for Peace is being made possible by Kathryn Wasserman Davis, an accomplished internationalist and philanthropist. Mrs. Davis, mother of Shelby M.C. Davis, who funds the Davis UWC Scholars globeProgram, celebrated her centennial birthday by committing $1 million for 100 Projects for Peace. “I want to use my 100th birthday to help young people launch some immediate initiatives — things that they can do during the summer of 2007 — that will bring new thinking to the prospects of peace in the world,” said Mrs. Davis.  She has decided to repeat this initiative in 2008 and 2009 and has issued an invitation for proposals for projects to be undertaken in summer 2010.

Deadline for entries is December 14, 2009. For more  information, Colby students should contact Marci Bernard at mbernard@colby.edu or 859-4342.