Class of 2018


StudentHigh SchoolState/CountryResearch Project
Jason BelandMarshwood High SchoolMEEconomics: Statistical Abstract for the United States and Maine
Rachel BirdWalt Whitman High SchoolMDEnglish: A Joint Research Project with Novelist Laura Van Den Berg and Poet Rachel Flynn
Hannah BossiMarshwood High SchoolMEChemistry: Molecular Modeling of Biological Carbon Fixation
Adrienne CarmackJohn Bapst Memorial High SchoolMEEducation: From Boys to Men: Promoting Resistant Masculinity
Stephen ChaikovskyColorado AcademyCOGovernment: Civil Society Participation and Social Rights Reform in Latin America
Echo ChenJohn Dewey High SchoolNYChemistry: Microbiology of Bacteria in Extreme Environments
Stephanie DesrochersBurlington High SchoolMAPsychology: Shaping Brain Function and Structure with Early Life - Implications for Psychopathology
Micro DinelliPhoenix High SchoolOREconomics: Economic Development in Latin America
Juno DongJinan Foreign Language SchoolChinaEnvironmental Studies: The Art and Culture of Tigers
Bethany FennessyWindham High SchoolNHSports Medicine: The Diagnosis and Epidemiology of Sports-Related Concussions
Alicia FischerSouth Florence High SchoolSCGerman: Transhumanism: Toward a Feline Cultural Studies
Isaac GaltonMountain Heritage High SchoolNCChemistry: Saving Maine's Lakes
Brooke GentryNorth Atlanta High SchoolGAHistory: The History of Gender and Technology in East Asia: Photography, Cosmetics, and Contraception
Vivian HawkinsonSouth Salem Senior High SchoolOREnvironmental Studies: Large Carnivore Conservation
Nora HillBoston Latin SchoolMAArt: Word and Image Studies from the Middle Ages to Surrealism
Abigail Johnson Medfield High School MASports Medicine: The Diagnosis and Epidemology of Sports-Related Concussions
Meredith KeenanImmaculate High SchoolCTGovernment: After They Served: The Public Lives of Ex-Presidents After They Leave the White House
Makoto KinoshitaSt. Viator Rakusei Junior and Senior High SchoolJapanEconomics: Systematic Conservation: The Intersection of Mathematics, Programming, and Ecology
Amy KopecWachussett Regional High SchoolMAChemistry: Saving Maine's Lakes
Alyssa LangNovato High SchoolCAEnglish: The Poetics of Mobility
Elenia LinJames A. Garfield High SchoolWAPsychology: Shaping Brain Function and Strucutre with Early Life Dietary Manipulations - Implications for Psychopathology
Amanda LoyaImmaculate High SchoolCTSports Medicine: The Diagnosis and Epidemiology of Sports-Related Concussions
Gillian MorrisStanford High SchoolMEPsychology: Motivated Reasoning, Self-Deception, and Spiritual Regulation
Elizabeth Oakley Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High SchoolMAScience, Technology, and Society: Historical Research on Carbon Dioxide
Jeremy RavenellePortland High SchoolMEEconomics: Dynamic Stimulation Models of Economic and Environmental Systems
Christopher ScammellWellseley High SchoolMASociology: Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Services in the United States and the United Kingdom
Ryan SellarHillsborough High SchoolNJClassics: Artworks Inspired by Greek and Roman Tragedy
Haransh SingCapital High SchoolMTEconomics: Colby Green - The Colby Environmental Advisory Group
Abigail SnyderMarshalltown Senior High SchoolIAAnthropology: Food and Identities in Motion
Luke TassopoulosWestminster SchoolGAEnvironmental Studies: Large Carnivore Conservation
Sydney TiemanJames A. Garfield High SchoolWAChemistry: Saving Maine's Lakes
Sarah WhitneyConard High SchoolCTEconomics: Dynamic Simulation Models of Economic and Environmental Systems
Jianing YangHangzhou Number 2 Middle School of Zhejiang ChinaPhysics: Adaptive Optics Imaging Techniques
Joshua YoungBritish School of Boston MAEconomics: Economic Mobility in the United States: Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont