Financial Aid

CommencementColby can transform lives. Financial aid provides equal opportunity and ensures that young women and men with talent and a willingness to work hard can reap the benefits of a Colby education regardless of their ability to pay the comprehensive fee. Approximately 1,100 full-time students, or 60 percent of the student body, receive some form of financial assistance, including grants, campus employment, and outside scholarships. More than $25 million in grants is awarded annually. The average aid package awarded to 753 grant recipients in 2009-10 was $33,320.

How You Can Help
Donors can help the College realize its ambition to provide need-based assistance to all qualified applicants by making a gift to Colby’s financial aid endowment. They will have the satisfaction of knowing that they truly will make a difference in the lives of bright, hard-working young men and women for generations to come.
  • The College offers named scholarship opportunities starting at $50,000.
  • Donors of scholarship funds at $75,000 and above may express preferences regarding the attributes of the students who receive grant assistance.
  • Many donors have created scholarship funds at the $100,000 and $250,000 levels and above, and established funds can be augmented at any time with an outright gift or through estate planning.
  • Donors endowing named scholarships at any level will learn the names of recipients and will receive an annual report on the financial status of their scholarship fund.