Science Building

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A Building for Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics, and Psychology
A 36,400-square-foot science building is planned on the Colby Green to house the Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics, and Psychology departments. This new building, which will complete the four buildings on the green, is anticipated to receive LEED Silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Honoring Colby’s architectural traditions, the new science building will incorporate elements of Georgian architecture while providing state-of-the-art teaching and research space. The building will contain:
  • specialized psychology teaching and research laboratories;
  • a computer science robotics laboratory;
  • a mathematics computer cluster;
  • a shared electronics shop
  • faculty and staff offices for psychology, math, and computer science;
  • four classrooms, each accommodating 20 to 40 students;
  • small gathering spaces for students;
  • sabbatical spaces and room for expansion.
The new building will allow the Psychology and Computer Science departments to move to the academic core of the campus from crowded quarters in the Roberts Building, where it is now isolated from the rest of the academic community. This will allow for the conversion of much of the Roberts Building from academic and administrative use to student housing. Space in the Seeley G. Mudd Science Building vacated by the Mathematics and Statistics Department will increase teaching and research space for other departments.

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Computer Science
The new robotics laboratory will enable active learning and project-based learning using robots, computer hardware, and embedded systems. The new space will provide project space for faculty members and will facilitate collaborative research with other disciplines and with students. The new shared seminar room will give students access to computing facilities, will encourage faculty-student interaction, and will provide improved learning and a sense of community within the department.

Mathematics and Statistics
The Mathematics and Statistics Department will benefit from new quiet rooms and group workspaces for faculty-student interaction. A dedicated computer cluster for research assistants and a public computer cluster will serve computer needs not met in existing facilities. Offices for departmental faculty and student learning spaces will enhance faculty collaboration, student-faculty interactions, and departmental identity.

Larger classroom spaces will enhance programs such as Calculus After Hours, a highly successful group-learning and tutoring program. The new building will provide a unified space that will allow the Mathematics and Statistics Department to provide an exciting, vibrant, and modern program to entice students to attend and enjoy Colby.

The new psychology facilities will provide extensive laboratory and research space in support of a recently revised curriculum in which faculty-student research is central to student engagement and learning. The new spaces will provide a strong sense of community among psychology majors, for whom research in and outside of their courses is a key component of their major studies. The size and number of offices will encourage academic collaboration and faculty interaction with students. Extensive laboratory and related spaces will support the increasing interest in areas such as neuroscience and will provide faculty members with needed research space.

The offices and the research and support spaces in the new building will provide the department with fully integrated space in a single building for all psychology faculty members and students and will position the department appropriately at the intersection of the behavioral and life sciences on campus.

Naming Opportunities

Building $10 million

Psychology complex
$2 million
Computer science complex $1.5 million
Mathematics complex $1.5 million

Psychology behavioral neuroscience

Computer science robotics laboratory

Psychology research laboratory suites (7)
   · Emotion/mood
   · Cognitive development
   · Social development
   · Social motivation
   · Memory/language/personality
   · Student research (2)

Shared computer classrooms (2) $150,000

Math public computer cluster

Psychology teaching laboratory $100,000
Psychology neuroscience laboratory $100,000
Psychology general research laboratory $100,000
Student gathering area $100,000
Shared classrooms (2) $100,000

Computer science project laboratories

Computer science seminar room $75,000
Faculty lounge $75,000
Math faculty offices with adjacent quiet
     study rooms
Math computer cluster $75,000
Math seminar room $75,000
Psychology seminar room $75,000

Computer science and psychology
   faculty offices