campus sceneryA bequest to Colby is a gift from your estate, and leaving such a gift is a very personal way of supporting the College. With a bequest you also may be able to accomplish something more significant than you are able to during your lifetime.

A bequest allows you to leave a legacy—it signals what is important to you and affirms the values you consider most essential. It also provides an opportunity to extend help to others in future generations and, in some cases, pass along the type of help you once received.

There are no current income tax benefits to making a bequest, and it will not increase your income in the way that a gift annuity would. The estate tax benefits, however, may result in the government subsidizing your gift. Additionally, you may incorporate any of the life-income-producing gifts, such as charitable gift annuities, into your will or trust for the benefit of your heirs, and you may leave a life-income stream rather than or in addition to an outright bequest.

However you structure a bequest and whatever the amount, leaving a bequest to Colby for the benefit of future generations is a powerful expression of loyalty and support.

Bequest Intentions
Your bequest intention indicates how you have included Colby in your estate plans, whether through a will, trust, beneficiary designation of a life insurance or retirement plan, or other estate gift. A bequest intention qualifies you for recognition in the Willows Society. Additionally, if you are age 70 or older, your bequest intention can be counted as a current commitment to Colby, including the 50th Anniversary Gift for the classes of ’62, ’63, and ’64.

Your participation can, with your permission, inspire others to participate, or you may remain an anonymous member of the Willows Society. You can complete a Bequest Intention Form online, or Colby will send you a form and a return envelope. Call 800-809-0103 or e-mail to have these items sent to you. Upon documentation, you will be inducted into the Willows Society, either by name or anonymously, as you wish.