Planning Matters Newsletter

We are delighted to make available the most recent issues of our gift planning newsletter, Planning Matters. Please click on the title of each issue to access a PDF file you can read or print at your convenience.

Planning for Retirement
Retirement planning and charitable planning can combine to make for great planning for you, your family, and Colby. More »

Annuities: Good for Colby and Good for You
With the current low interest rates in traditional investments, tools such as the charitable gift annuity are increasingly becoming great assets for many Colby alumni, who tell us they love the fact that both Colby and they will benefit. More »

Charitable Year-End Strategies
Learn how you can increase your cash flow and cut your tax bill with a charitable strategy. Read how you can deduct the full fair-market value and avoid capital-gain tax by giving appreciated assets. More »

Putting Your Trust in Colby
Find out how a charitable trust can save you tax dollars and provide you and income stream, regardless of market volatility, while also benefiting generations of Colby students to come. More »