Past Honors Theses have covered a wide range of topics. Here are the honors theses that were completed from 2008 to 2010:

  • Erica Block, Race & Rock & Role: A Visual Analysis of Rolling Stone Cover Photography
  • Jamie Quine, Disney’s Daughters: An Analysis of Gender Representations in Animated Disney Films
  • Henry Powell, One Generation Consuming the Next: The Racial Critique of Consumerism in George Romero’s Zombie Films
  • Lissa Martin, America The Beautiful, The Bountiful, The Healthful And The Hungry: Understanding Contemporary American Food Culture


  • Linsay Tolle, Seeing Through Color-Blindness: Multicultural Relationships on Television’s “Six Feet Under,” “The L Word,” and “Ugly Betty”
  • Carrie Lovejoy, Masculinity in America as Seen Through The Pickup Artist

Note: Click here for a complete listing of honors theses.