“During my freshman year at Colby, I took a bunch of interesting courses in various departments, but nothing ever made its mark on me. I liked my Intro to Psychology class and my Intro to Sociology class, but I knew I had no interest in the statistic/research components that these two majors required. I felt sooo close, and yet sooo far away from finding what I was truly interested in. I really felt lost. This was until an upperclassman told me about the American Studies major! It was perfect for me. I got to study people, which was of interest to me in psychology and sociology, but I got to discuss them in relation to the past or present societal trends in America, regarding race, gender, sexuality, etc. Even better, I got to study popular culture! Once I took Intro to American Studies and Gender & Popular Culture my sophomore fall, I was hooked.”

- Caitlin Burchill ’12

“When I arrived at Colby, I had no idea what I would major in. Through luck or fate, I happened across Professor McFadden’s Introduction to American Studies class and decided to give it a try. That class opened my eyes to a whole new discipline. I have always been fascinated by issues of social justice and my American Studies classes have brought interests that were previously extra-curricular into a classroom setting.”

- Ruth Frank-Holcom

“I came to Colby expecting to graduate with a degree in Psychology, after my first semester I would have told you I was going to become a doctor, and by mid semester fall of my sophomore year I was set on doing Neuroscience research for the rest of my life.  However, Colby gave me the opportunity to explore other academic paths. What I was really interested in was the culture and nature of America, specifically the experience of ethnic groups in small towns here.  The American Studies department, and my advisor Laura Saltz, have allowed me to radically change my academic path here at Colby and to explore a subject that I am immensely interested in, and for that I cannot be more thankful.”

- Miles de Klerk ’13

“Ever since elementary school, American History, especially American Revolution history, always interested me. After meeting Professor McFadden and sitting in on a couple of American Studies classes, I knew the American Studies program at Colby would be the perfect place for me. My American Studies courses have helped me grow tremendously as a student, person, and as an American citizen. I will never understand why everyone wouldn’t want to major in American Studies. As an inter-disciplinary major, it brings together everything that is great about a liberal arts college such as Colby.”

- Gordon Lessersohn ’12