The Nature Conservancy Article Highlights “Design Thinking” Jan Plan Course

The Nature Conservancy published an article about a new Jan Plan course, Design Thinking and Product Innovation, in which the author, who was also the course instructor, recounts her experience with 18 Colby students in her class. “I wanted to create a journey for the students,” Nina Naylor wrote, “and show them that sometimes you need to pull...

Callie Maidhof recipient of 2019-20 ACLS Fellowship

Congratulations to Visiting Assistant Professor Callie Maidhof who is the recipient of a 2019-20 ACLS Fellowship in Religion, Journalism & International Affairs for her project Borderline Settlers: Religion and Suburbia in Contemporary Israel. Read more about this prestigious program and Callie’s project on the ACLS website.

Congratulations to Ben Fanucci-Kiss’20 for Honorable Mention from the Society for Economic Anthropology

Congratulations to Ben Fanucci-Kiss ’20 who has received honorable mention in the Society for Economic Anthropology’s 2019 Harold K. Schneider Essay Competition. Ben’s essay, “Teaching Transgression: Class Negotiation, Abrasive Capital, and El Chapo,” develops a critical analysis of class negotiation in educational institutions as a raced, gendered, and sexed process. The national competition recognizes “innovative...

Chandra Bhimull’s Empire in the Air awarded honorable mention in two national competitions

Congratulations to Chandra Bhimull (Anthropology and African American Studies) for the recognition of her extraordinary book, Empire in the Air, which has been awarded honorable mention in two national competitions:  the Victor Turner Prize in Ethnographic Writing from the Society for Humanistic Anthropology and the 2019 American Ethnological Society Sharon Stephens Prize. The latter is awarded biennially...

Nell Haynes analyzes anti-immigrant memes in Chile in a new article

In a new article “Writing on the Walls: Discourse on Bolivian immigrants in Chilean meme humor,” (International Journal of Communication vol. 13), Nell Haynes analyzes how humor mitigates anti-immigrant discourse on Chilean social media.

New Book by Catherine Besteman

Catherine Besteman and co-editor Hugh Gusterson have published a new book, Life by Algorithms: How Roboprocesses are Remaking Our World, with the University of Chicago Press.  Life by Algorithms, University of Chicago Press, 2019.

Mary Beth Mills explores culinary tourism in a new article in Gastronomica

In a new article “Authentic Dishes, Staged Identities: Thailand’s Cooking Schools for Tourists” (Gastronomica 19, vol.2: 43-55) Mary Beth Mills examines the tensions that arise during the cross-cultural encounters that characterize a popular form of culinary tourism, recreational cooking classes. DOI: 10.1525/gfc.2019.19.2.43

Winifred Tate is conducting new research into women, drug use and recovery in Maine.

Associate Professor of Anthropology Winifred Tate and lead field researcher Courtney Allen are conducting extended ethnographic life history interviews with women in short-term and long-term recovery, including oral histories of recovery pathways, and with women in active use, to document the challenges these women experience, as well as the practices of care used by women in...