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Ten courses, including: Anthropology 112, 313, 333, and one advanced seminar taken in the second semester of the senior year and chosen from courses at the 400 level; one culture area course normally selected from courses designated as such in the course description (consult your advisor for appropriate selections in any given semester); five elective courses, including at least two at the 300 level or equivalent. In addition to Anthropology 112, a maximum of one other anthropology course taught at the 100 level may be counted toward the major.

The point scale for retention of the major applies to all courses offered toward the major. No courses for the major may be taken satisfactory/unsatisfactory.


Fall 2017


AY112     Cultural Anthropology  MENAIR/ HALVORSON
AY242     Anthropology of Latin America: City Life  TATE
AY244     Anthropology of Religion  STROHL
AY251     Global Displacement, Understanding Refugees and Refugee Policy 
                EL-SHAARAWI   Listed as GS251. 
AY253     Goods, Gifts, and Globalizing Consumers HALVORSON
AY255     Global Health: Critical Perspectives on Health, Care, and Policy
                EL-SHAARAWI   Listed as GS255. 
AY259     Reading Ethnography  BESTEMAN
AY297     From Ferguson to South Africa: Movements for Black Life MARSHALL
AY313     Researching Cultural Diversity STROHL
AY333     Contemporary Theory BESTEMAN
AY352     Global Activism: From Socialist Internationalism to Today 
                RAZSA Listed as GS352. 
AY353     Globalization and Human Rights in China  
                ZHANG Listed as EA353.  
AY365     Space, Place, and Belonging TATE
AY374     Public Anthropology BESTEMAN
AY397     Police, Klansmen, Colonizers, and Cultures of White Power MARSHALL
AY497     Insurgent Mobilities Lab I: Migrants, Activists, the Balkan Route       
                EL-SHAARAWI Listed as GS497.
AY483    Honors in Anthropology 
AY491    Independent Study 


JanPlan 2018


AY119    The Anthropology of Utopias HRISKOS
AY297b  Representing the Other TATE
AY297j   Of Beasts, Pets, and Wildlife: What Animals Mean to Humans MENAIR


Spring 2018


AY112     Cultural Anthropology  STROHL/ TATE/ EL-SHAARAWI/ RAZSA
AY222     Maines Musical Soundscapes: Ethnography of Maine                         
                ZELENSKY Listed as MU222.
AY231     Caribbean Cultures MARSHALL
AY246     Religion and Everyday Life in Muslim Societies STROHL
AY252     Language in Culture and Society HALVORSON
AY261     Japanese Language and Culture 
                ABE Listed as EA261
AY262     Music in Life, Music as Culture: Introduction to Ethnomusicology   
                ZELENSKY Listed as MU262.
AY268     Politics of Satire and Humor in Modern China                                      
                ZHANG Listed as EA268.
AY276     African-American Culture in the United States                                     
                GILKES Listed as AM276.
AY298     Making Migration Visible BESTEMAN
AY316     Religion and Social Change in Contemporary Africa HALVORSON
AY355     Aging and Public Policy in East Asia                                                     
                ZHANG Listed as EA355.
AY361     Militaries, Militarization, and War TATE
AY363     Secrecy and Power STROHL
AY455     Intervention: The Ethics and Politics of Humanitarianism                   
                EL-SHAAWARI Listed as GS455.
AY466     Technocultures BESTEMAN
AY498     Insurgent Mobilities Lab II: Migrants, Activists, the Balkan Route     
                RAZSA Listed as GS498.