Anthropology students have many opportunities to pursue independent research and to communicate their anthropological insights to a wider public. Student projects can develop out of regular course-work or take the form of honors theses and other independent projects. Anthropology students are also creators of websites, blogs, and documentary videos and other forms of public anthropology.

Videos by Anthropology majors:

Websites and Blogs by Anthropology majors and alumni:

  • Lucy Soucek ’18, made this podcast about religion, faith, and student experience at Colby: Colby Faith Podcast
  • Liam Harley (class of ’16) explores the links between family meals and memory
  • Students in AY298 Anthropology of Social Movements (Spring 2013) created a web-based exploration of five contemporary social movements
  • Students in AY398 (Spring 2012) created a website that explores the Anthropology of contemporary issues
  • Ethnomusicology website by Zachary Mitchell, ’11: Sonic Adventures.
  • Laura Miller, ’11 made a website about local food.
  • John Perkins, ’11: created a website about the use of social media and the Arab Spring uprisings.
  • Melyn Heckelman, ’08 blogs about her continuing connection to Anthropology post-Colby.
  • Blogging about her experiences studying abroad in Senegal, Hannah De Angelis (’12) reflects on the study abroad experience.
  • Colby alumni, Jennifer Gemmell (Anthropology) ’12, and Duncan Hardock are blogging about teaching English in Georgia (Europe)
  • Eitan Green”s (’09)¬† anthropology honors thesis research was the basis for this interactive view of the Global Climbing Community

Some other student projects: