Cat Ledue, ’19: “We Take Care of Our Own: Stories from the South End”




Anne Vetter, ’17: “It’s not you, it’s— Hookup Culture and Sexual Subjectivity” – Supervisor, Prof. Mary Beth Mills


Anne Friedrich, ’15: “A Constellation of Caring: The Dynamic and Fluctuating Nature of Pediatric Cancer Care” – Supervisor, Prof. Chandra Bhimull


Katy Lindquist, ’14: “Everyday Forms of Resistance in Post-Genocide Rwanda” – Supervisor, Prof. Catherine Besteman


Ellicott Dandy, ’13: “Remapping Nature: Motherhood, Autonomy, and Anti-mining Activism in Intag, Ecuador” – Supervisor, Prof. Chandra Bhimull

Jessica Pires, ’13: “Uphams Corner and ‘Other’ Spaces: Racialized Youth Identities in Boston’s Cape Verdean Community” – Supervisor, Prof. Britt Halvorson

Rachel Rosenbaum, ’13: “Finite to Fail, Infinite to Venture: Interactivism and Relational Ethics” – Supervisor, Prof. Mary Beth Mills


Hannah DeAngelis, ’12: “Teaching Empathy, Inspiring Activism: The Diversity Leadership Institute as a Tool for Hate Violence Prevention” – Supervisor, Prof. Catherine Besteman

Sandhya Fuchs, ’12: “Public Imagery, Multicultural Integration and the Narrative Of British Citizenship: Reflections on BAPS Swaminarayan Hinduism in the British Diaspora” – Supervisor, Prof. Mary Beth Mills