Sharon Corwin (Carolyn Muzzy Director and Chief Curator of the Colby College Museum of Art and Professor of Art) and Tanya Sheehan (Associate Professor of Art) are convening a session at the 2015 College Art Association Conference in New York. Titled “Remaking the American Gallery,” the session invites speakers to reflect on the recent (re)openings of galleries devoted to American art and to examine the kinds of art histories that museums are putting on display. How are those histories being (re)constructed in the twenty-first century? What work are they doing for particular institutions, collectors, curators, scholars, students, and museum visitors? In what ways are new museum installations reinforcing and challenging the parameters (or the very notion) of the American artistic canon? Speakers include curators Elliott Bostwick Davis (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston), Ethan W. Lasser (Harvard Art Museums), and Crawford A. Mann, III (Chrysler Museum of Art); artist Valerie Jeanne Hegarty (Drew University); and media/film historian Sarah Keller (University of Massachusetts Boston). More information about the conference is available on the CAA website.