Colby students in the Humanities Lab AR393 Museum Practicum – The L.C. Bates Museum: History and Collections, taught by Professor Véronique Plesch, have created a new website for the L.C. Bates Museum in Hinckley, Maine. Click here to learn about the history of the museum, take a virtual tour, access informative learning materials, and read research papers on different aspects of the museum and its collections.

The L.C. Bates Summer Exhibition 2020, Maine Waters and its Inhabitants, curated by Colby students Lola Collins ’20 and Sabina Garibovic ’22 under the supervision of Plesch, is also available on the website, accessed here. Discover 37 works by 21 artists who depict Maine’s aquatic world and its denizens, whether they live in the water, on it, or near it.