The Art Department faculty members are active art scholars and practicing fine artists. The Art History curriculum is designed with the recognition that art from any period is related to the social, political, and cultural concerns of that period. Required courses for the major span a breadth of cultures and time periods including opportunities for special topic seminars and research conducted in the Colby Museum. In Studio Art, the department offers curricula in painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and drawing, with special studios designed for each medium. Students explore the intrinsic nature of materials and techniques and develop their own expressive capacities toward studio’s capstone experience, the Senior Exhibition, held each spring in the Colby Museum. Students interested in the Architecture professions frequently design independent majors in consultation with PROF. DAVID SIMON.


The Art Department offers three separate tracks in the major along with one minor:

Art Major with a Concentration in Art History (12 courses)
The concentration in Art History is chosen by students with a strong personal interest in the discipline and by those considering graduate school in the arts. It offers sound preparation for a professional future in museums, galleries, auction houses, architecture, teaching scholarship and public art among others. The
Concentration in Art History offers the maximum exposure to student research and curatorial opportunities including those involving the Colby Collection.

Art Major with a Concentration in Studio Art (12 courses)
The concentration in Studio Art is chosen by students with a committed interest in a preferred medium. It offers extensive experience in the technical and expressive aspects of art practice and prepares the student to pursue Studio’s capstone experience, the Senior Exhibition, held each spring in the Colby Museum. The
Concentration in Studio Art offers maximum preparation for those students wishing to continue the practice of art beyond Colby and is the best preparation for students considering graduate school in the fine arts.

Art Major (9 courses)
The straight Art Major offers students exposure to both art history and studio courses.

Art Minor (7 courses)

For specific requirements on all of the above, please see the SHEET OF MAJORS.

For information on individual courses, please see the COURSE CATALOGUE.


  • Students with an interest in Studio are strongly encouraged to complete AR131 Foundations of Studio Art in their first year.
  • Students pursuing an Art Major should consult with their advisor to coordinate their plans for study abroad with their goals for the major.