Since 2009, Colby students have been curating the summer exhibition of contemporary art at the L. C. Bates Museum at Goodwill-Hinckley in nearby Fairfield. Working under the supervision of Professor Véronique Plesch, they receive two academic credits for this year-long curatorial practicum. It involves overseeing all aspects of the preparation for the exhibition–from selecting the artists and the show theme to installing the artwork and organizing public programming.


In Spring 2017, Colby students Arianna Finger ’19 and Ellis Grubman ’19 curated Maine Wood(s) (May 4- October 15, 2017). Seeking to combine the representation of forests and of wood used as an artistic material, Maine Wood(s) considers woods as a landscape, a habitat, a source of livelihood, and a tourist destination, with works depicting the wooded Maine landscape, its fauna and flora, its inhabitants and visitors, along with their activities, while the title also alludes to the use of wood as an artistic material. Displayed in a non-traditional museum with a strong focus on natural history, works in a variety of mediums and styles from contemporary Maine artists are featured, giving visitors a fresh perspective on how local artists view and portray nature in their home state.


Previous exhibitions include:



Seasonal Scenes: The Beauty of Rural Maine

Leah C. Bilodau ‘17 and Eleanor S. Ozburn ‘16



Maine Northern Skies: Clear Light,

Gabriela Johnson ‘14 and Jonah Belk ‘15



Gift of the Glacier: The Maine Landscape

Kayla L. Lewkowicz ‘14 and Veronica L. Vesnaver ’15



Humanity in Nature

Kristen L. Nassif ’14 and Leilani S C Pao ‘14



Drawing from the Collections

Monique Goodin ’12 and Brady Hesslein ’13



Bones: A Magnetic Reaction

Margaret Fasel ’12 and Yuri Maruyama ‘12