Offered in January 2017
Instructor: Garry Mitchell

This course exposes students to the monotype, a one-of-a-kind print created by transferring an image to paper that has been painted or drawn on a plate made of metal, plexiglass, or another material. Transfer is accomplished either by hand rubbing or on an etching press, resulting in painterly textures and surface effects. Monotypes offer direct, immediate images, and also lend themselves to layered, successive printings that are built up over time.

The monotypes displayed here are the result of collaborations among the students in January 2015. They where made in what is called a trace technique. The students inked a large sheet of plexiglass, set it on the studio floor, and placed a piece of paper on top. They found things they could use to leave marks on the paper: roller skates, a bowling ball, springs, foot and hand prints, swivel wheels of various chairs, bottles, and rolling pins. The prints rely on the process, accepting chance and incidental occurrences to create images.