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AS 231f Introduction to Astrophysics--Colby's Flagship Astronomy Course

If you want to know what astrophysics is really like, all you need to take AS 231 is confidence that you understand calculus, and you'll find out! AS 231 is taken by students of all majors or intended majors. While grades are not important to satisfaction in the class, Kristin Saucier '04, who had majors in International Studies and Latin American Studies, is an example of a non-sciece major who got one of the top grades ever in the class.

Most students find that it is very helpful to have taken high school physics, but it's not required. AS231 fulfills the Natural Science laboratory requirement.

First-year students interested in physics who place out of PH141 and PH145, and students who want to to do "Real research, real soon" in astrophysics take AS231 in their first or second year. Go back to the Astronomy Home to read about how AS231 fits into various students' interests.

The image at right is M42, the Orion Nebula, taken in AS231 in one of the night labs in 2008 when it was offered in the second semester. Three separate images were combined to make the color image. The research CCD camera used in AS231 was used with standard photometric filters to get red, green, and blue images. The images were enhanced, aligned, and combined in an indoor afternoon lab.

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AS151s Stars and Stellar Systems--Colby's Natural Science Distribution Astronomy Course

If you want a survey of astronomy without the focus and depth of AS 231, this course is for you. You get the flavor of astrophysics, although you don't see how it's really done by astrophysicists. AS 151 is taken by students of all majors or intended majors. In some years it is offered with an optional lab to fulfill the natural sciences lab requirement, but not in 2013-2014. It is often used as the second course to fulfill the natural science distribution when the first course had a lab, like BI 161.

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