Football—Colby College Football Staff: 2013 Camp Schedule

Lafayette camp (PA)
June 2nd
Opgenorth (OC)
South Florida Elite
June 9th-11th
Antonioni (RB's)
UPENN  June 9th
Opgenorth (OC) / Hanhold (DL)
July 12th
Michaeles (Head Coach)
Northwestern (IL)
June 13th-14th
Opgenorth (OC) / Hanhold (DL)
Boston College
session(s) 1-3
Michaeles (Head Coach) / Opgenorth (OC)
June 12th-28th Dexter (DC) / Garcia (LB's)
Stanford Univ. (CA)
June 18th-20th
Colby College staff member(s)
Loomis Chaffee (CT)
June 20th-22nd
Lueck (WR's)
Yale 1 day camp(s)
June 15th & 23rd
Antonioni (RB's) / Hanhold (DL)
Yale Team camp
June 29th-30th
Lueck (WR's)
Harvard June 1 day camps
Opgenorth (OC) / Garcia (LB's)
Princeton June 21st/July 13th
Hanhold (DL)
July team camp
Garcia (LB's)
Dartmouth June 22nd-26th
Opgenorth (OC) / Antonioni (RB's)
Navy June 22nd
Lueck (WR's)
Brown June 23rd-26th
Michaeles (Head Coach)
Fordham June 27th-28th
Opgenorth (OC)
Holy Cross
June 26th-29th
Hanhold (DL)
New England Elite
July 1st-3rd
Michaeles (Head Coach) / Opgenorth (OC)
Southern VT camp
July 7th-12th
Antonioni (RB's) / Lueck (WR's)
Northern VT camp
July 21st-26th
Antonioni (RB's) / Lueck (WR's) / Garcia

Please contact the coach who will be present at the camp you will be attending.

This is a truly special place to call home and play college football within the NESCAC. We look forward to meeting you and your family through the recruiting process and in having you visit campus soon!