Basketball (3 on 3) w/Comp & Rec Links

3 on 3 Basketball is played during JanPlan. 
(5 on 5 Basketball is played during February.)


3v3 Basketball Rules

-          Scoring and Matchups

o   3 Teams per 1hr court session

o   Team A vs. team B, then B vs. C, then A vs. C

o   Games will be played to 11 (games are not timed)

o   Team must win by 2 (or by 1 to 15)

o   2's count as 1 point

o   3-pointers count as 2 points (use the college line, or both cptns can agree to use the closer line)


-          Starting

o   Shoot a 3 to determine first possession

o   On checks, ball must be passed in

o   "winner's ball" (the team that scored gets ball back)


-          Violations and Possession

o   There are no refs for regular season games. Offensive players call fouls (to be called LOUDLY and DURING, NOT AFTER, POINT OF CONTACT). Defensive players can call fouls, but not usually the case. If a disagreement arises, shoot a 3-pointer to decide or talk to a commissioner present)

o   Fouls are checked at the top of the key

o   In playoffs, there are refs. If a ref calls an intentional or flagrant foul, the fouled player gets a free throw and his or her team gets the ball.

o   All possession changes must be cleared outside the 3 point line

o   Regular sidelines are out of bounds

o   The halfway line is out of bounds

o   When in doubt, refer to NCAA college rules, or ask a commissioner


-          Forfeits

o   If one team does not show up, then the two other teams play best 2 of 3. If the 2nd game of the best 2 of 3 has started when the tardy team shows up AND if 15 minutes elapse, the tardy team must forfeit

o   Recreational teams must have at least one woman and one man on the court at all times or they forfeit

o   TWO (2) forfeits and you are out of the league for good


If you have any questions about these rules, contact a commissioner