Basketball (5 on 5)w/Comp & Rec Links



  • Each half is 20 minutes long. Running clock until the last minute of entire game (not first half). If margin is 11+ points, clock runs in that last minute.
  • Shooting fouls = 2 shots. All other fouls take out of bounds. Fouls in last minute of game = 1 and 1 if game is within 10 points.
  • On free throws, player release when the ball touches the rim.
  • If a player commits multiple fouls or a flagrant foul, he/she will be asked to sit for 5 minutes. If it happens again upon his/her return, an ejection will result.
  • Overtime is five minutes (same timing rules apply in the last minute of overtime)
  • Two timeouts per game, each 30 seconds. (One timeout per overtime; regulation timeouts do not carry over)
  • All players in playoffs must have played in at least two regualar season games.
  • Recreational teams must have at least two women on the court at all times or they forfeit.

5 on 5 Basketball is played during the month of February. 
(3 on 3 Basketball is played during JanPlan.)