Fall Soccer

Competitive Fall Soccer


Schedule & Standings

Recreational Fall Soccer


Schedule & Standings

Rules and Regulations
  • Generally, teams play two 20 minute halves. Depending on sunlight and teams playing next, the second half may be shortened. No overtime in regular season.
  • Eleven players may play for a team at a time.
  • A minimum of nine players must on the field at all times. If a team brings 8 or fewer players to a game, the opposing team may submit the score as a forfeit (even if the teams play the game anyway).
  • Regular soccer rules will apply, including offsides.
  • All players must be on the roster, both for regular season play as well as for any post-season game(s). 
  • A player must be present for at least 50% of regular season games in order to be eligible to play in any post-season game(s) their team may have.
  • Varsity and JV Soccer players are excluded from the fall I-Play soccer season.
  • Two forfeits for any singular team results in expulsion out of the league.


  • Teams must have at least two people of each gender on the field at all times.


  • Playoff games CANNOT end in a tie.  Winners will be determined by a 5-goal shoot out, wherein 5 different members of each team will take a penalty shot.
  • Recreational League teams must have at least one member of each gender take one of these final PKs


  • Games will be held at Runnels Field, the Practice Soccer Fields, the Bill Alfond Field, and the Harold Alfond Fields Sunday-Thursday