iPlay Table Tennis


iPlay Table Tennis Rules

Games will be played to 11, unless both players have 10 points, in which case the winner is the first player to gain a lead of 2 points.

3 games constitute a match, and the winner of the math must win 2 of the 3 games.


Game Play - Singles

-          A warm-up time is allowed prior to the initial rally


-          The initial server shall be determined by a rally of at least 4 successful hits (2 by each player).  The first player to make a mistake on this rally loses their right to serve first, and the game then begins at a score of 0-0, served by the rally-winner.  The initial server of the 2 subsequent games is chosen by the previous game winner (ie, winner of game 1 chooses if they serve first or receive in game 2; game 2 winner then chooses for game 3).


-          Opponents shall switch table sides for each game and once one player/team reaches 5 points in the 3rd game.


-          The server switches after each 2 points scored.  If each player has 10 points, the serve switches after every point.


-          Serving Rules:

o   The server must toss the ball up at least 6 inches, and strike it on the way down.

o   The ball must bounce on the server’s side exactly one time before passing over the net and landing on the opponent’s side.

o   If the ball touches the net but still crosses it, a “let” is called, and the point is replayed.  There is no limit to the number of times a “let” can occur.

o   For a serve to be legal, the server must hit the ball from the end of the table, in the region bounded by the two sides of the table.  The ball must also bounce only once on the returner’s side of the table – if it bounces twice before reaching the end of the returner’s side, it is an illegal serve.

o   All illegal serves result in the point being awarded to the receiver.


-          Once the ball is live after a serve, it may not be volleyed out of the air, meaning it must bounce on one’s side of the table before the player strikes it.


-          The server will verbally report the score prior to each serve


-          Traditional Table Tennis Rules apply.  Outside interferences will not penalize players but will result in a redo.

Game Play – Doubles

Most doubles rules are the same as those for singles, with the following notable exceptions:

-          For each point, the order of play is as follows:

Server – Receiver – Server’s Partner – Receiver’s Partner – Server

o   Playing out of order results in the point being awarded to the other team.


-          At each change of service the previous receiver becomes the server, while the partner of the previous server becomes the receiver.

Players are responsible for ensuring all equipment is present (paddle, ball(s), and net).  They may bring their own, or iPlay has any equipment that may be needed, but it is the players’ responsibility to acquire any necessary equipment PRIOR to the match.  They are responsible for returning any borrowed equipment either at the end of their match or at the conclusion of the season, as determined by the table tennis commissioner.