Lacrosse teams mentioned in Wall Street Journal

Contact: William Sodoma
Date: March 24, 2012

WATERVILLE, Maine --- The Wall Street Journal is not normally a newspaper where you find information dealing with sports or lacrosse, but the Colby College lacrosse teams were mentioned recently for their use of Krossover, a company that analyzes game film and produces statistics.
Here's a link to the story:

"We use it for our game films, as does Karen Henning and the women's program," said Justin Domingos, head coach of the men's lacrosse team at Colby. "It's a great way to get film quickly to the kids, and helps with how we break down how were are playing from a statistical standpoint. Karen was extremely generous in using fund-raised donations to pay for both programs to have access to this technology this year."
Domingos is quoted in the WSJ on-line article.

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