Men's Crew—Maine Rowing Camp for Boys Registration Form

2012 Maine Rowing Camp at Colby College
29 Axtell Drive
Oakland, ME 04963

Sunday July 15 – Thursday July 19, 2012

A $150 non-refundable deposit payable to Maine Rowing Camp must be mailed to the address above or you can pay on-line after you have filled out this form.
The balance due is payable at check - in.

Rower: $775 ($725 if register and pay in full by Feb. 1st)
Coxswain: $725 ($675 if you register and pay in full by Feb. 1st)

First Name:   
Last Name:      
Mailing Address: 
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Camper Email:     Parent Email: 
Age (at time of camp):     Height:    Weight:    
High School:    Grade (completed in June): 
Rowing Program (if applicable):     Coach: 
Rowing Experience (please briefly indicate the camper's rowing or athletic experience): 

Level: rowers and coxswains will be grouped by both age and experience level.  Please look over the descriptions and indicate which will be most appropriate.  Campers placement may be changed as necessary.

Level 1 – designed for those with 3 months or less rowing or coxing experience, the focus will be on creating a sound understanding of the fundamentals of rowing.   
Level 2 – designed for those with between 4 months and 2 years of rowing or coxing experience.
Level 3 – designed for those with over 2 years of rowing or coxing experience.



T-shirt Size:

Roommate Preference: 

If you are flying, will you need transportation from/to the Portland International Jetport?  Note there is a $25 fee.


Camper Goals:
In order to help you achieve your athletic goals, please give a brief description of what area of your rowing or coxing (specific technical error, fitness, how to get and stay motivated, just have fun, etc.) you would like to improve while at the Colby Crew Camp.

Medical Waiver and Insurance Information:

In case of medical emergency, I understand every attempt will be made to contact the parents or guardians. If they cannot be reached, I hereby give permission to the physician selected by the clinic to hospitalize and secure medical treatment for my child.  The person enrolling at the Maine Rowing Camp at Colby College, his/her parent or parents or legal guardians assume all risk of loss of property or injury to dangers associated with crew activities and agree that there are certain inherent dangers related to crew participation and therefore, agree to hold the Maine Rowing Camp at Colby College, its owners and employees harmless and specifically agree not to make any claim against the Maine Rowing Camp at Colby College for any of these injuries which would normally be risk associated with participation in crew activity.

Precautions the clinic directors should be aware of, such as allergies, diabetes, recent illnesses, etc.

Medical Coverage
If a youngster is not feeling well or is injured we will give immediate medical assistance. If the injury requires further attention, we take the crew camper to the Mid-Maine Medical Center at which time we contact the parent or legal guardian. THE PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL HOSPTIAL, PRESCRIPTIONS, LABORATORY AND DOCTOR'S FEES.

    I have read and understand the medical liability information above.


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No physical exam is necessary for the camp.