Men's Cross-Country—Program Overview

Colby's beautiful 714-acre campus encompasses miles of trails that wind through fields and woods. The renowned Campbell Trails, used by the cross-country team for both training and racing, were a gift of Judge and Mrs. Levin Campbell and their daughter Eleanor S. Campbell '81 of Cambridge, Mass.

Colby's harriers spend virtually every day running on trails, both for the benefits of a softer training surface and to better simulate the rigors of cross-country racing. Workouts are designed to improve cellular adaptation and running economy, increase maximum oxygen capacity, and elevate lactate threshold. Training emphasizes individual development, and every effort is made to ensure that each runner is challenged according to his ability, without over-training or under-training.

Colby's cross-country program includes training trips throughout Maine. Popular destinations include Acadia National Park, the Belgrade Lakes region, and Sugarloaf Mountain. We thoroughly believe that variety in our training regimen has been instrumental to our success.